Looking for unusual and quirky drawstring bags? How about these? Fairies, witches, foxes, woodland animals and Mexican wrestling masks

Long time fans of my bags know I am always on the lookout for unusual fabrics. Here's a sampling of some new fabrics used to make my Suebee drawstring bags. These bags are so useful. They might be perfect for carrying knitting and crochet projects, but they can be used for organizing the home, carrying cd's or golf balls and going out for the evening. My customers have given me this list of uses which continues to grow!
My eclectic fabric selection, and the reasonable price of the Suebee also make them perfect gifts.  Don't see one in stock that will suit Auntie Sissy, or the nice lady across the street?
Just contact me and I will do a custom made bag for you.  Custom made makes it extra special, and could result in a one of a kind gift. A one of a kind item, handcrafted in the USA, is  hard to find in these days of mass production


A happy customer, Jessica, with her Nevermore Falcon. She was doing a Dr. Who K-9 cosplay at a Sci-Fi convention. She said she was breaking her costume a bit because my bag was so impressive . So cool!