Happy Holidays!

Thanks for all your support this year!
I will be taking a break over the holidays, beginning after work on Friday the 21st.
I'll be back to work on Jan 2nd.
You are still welcome to shop but I won't be shipping until I return
Thanks again!


Peace sign iPad Mini Case

With the introduction of the iPad Mini, I found I already have a case that will fit it perfectly, The Spruce and The Spruce Deluxe.
I thought I better make a scattered peace sign batik case, as peace signs continue to be popular. But of course, I can custom make the case, in a fabric of your choice, quickly.
See all the fabrics here
See the peace sign prints here. I have a huge variety in peace sign fabrics, probably the most you will find anywhere!
Please contact me to place a custom order, it's the best way to get just what you want for your new iPad Mini!

As with all of my padded cases, and many other products, you can customize the case by purchasing a removable shoulder strap and/ or a wristlet strap too


A Zoe's Bag Boutique messenger bag in Helsinki!

I am delighted to share more pics of the wonderful Mervi, in Finland, and her latest Zoe's Bag Boutique messenger bag. 
This time she is in Helsinki at the Helsinki Cathedral.
Great pics, thanks so much for sharing Mervi!


Happy customer with her knit in public bag

I'm happy to share this picture of Candy, and her large Kipster made with the popular happy kitty print. She added a shoulder strap so she can walk and knit at the same time! Thanks for sharing Candy!


Edgar Allan Poe purses, knitting bags and Nevermore!

There is a new line of fabrics, designed as a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. This amazing print is called Nevermore and is proving to be very popular in my shop.
I have sold many drawstring bags made with this print, and one of the great things about it, is, that each one is different.
There are so many awesome images on the fabric, such as skulls, owls, ravens (of course), old time script, skeleton hands and bats.
It makes a great purse, and shoulder bag, and really works well on the majority of my bags.
Take a look at these different sections of the print. Each one is spectacular!
Please feel free to contact me to place a custom order using this unique fabric

Nevermore Edgar Allan Poe fabric  

Nevermore Edgar Allan Poe fabric
Imagine this Edgar Allan Poe fabric on a purse!


Custom made drawstring bags for Rummikub tiles

This customer custom ordered 4 large Suebee drawstring bags for some family members.
My regular Suebee holds the tiles, but the large Suebee holds the racks as well.

Here are the bags and a wonderful picture of the happy recipients!

Rummikub tile bags


Some international customers and their knitting bags!

Wonderful pictures and great feedback! 

Dear Karen,
Thanks a million for the wip bag! The delivery was super fast, perhaps fastest ever from US to Finland. I also very much appreciate the high quality and the design of the bag. The many pockets make it truly practical. I guess the only negative side here is that now I think I need more of these, for all my wips and iPad and needles and ... =)

In the attached photo my wip bag is "in action" on a train from Helsinki to Tampere last Saturday.

Kind regards,
Rhona with her Ghastlie Suebee knitting bag in Scotland!


custom made tarot card messenger bag and feedback!

I am delighted to share with you the wonderful feedback I received from a customer who ordered this custom made Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag

"My messenger bag arrived this morning. When I saw it I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face! It is absolutely beautiful and I am astounded by how rich and vibrant the colours are. The quality of the bag is unparalleled and the size is perfect for all my school supplies. It has many secure pockets and compartments, which is exactly what I need. The seller, Karen, and I had great communication and she was very helpful in assisting me with my first custom order. The postage was quick and the packing was safe. Overall, I am so pleased with my new messenger bag and if I ever need another one, I know who I will turn to first!" Dana

Need something special for yourself, or a gift for a family member? I work on custom orders all week long, contact me and I am happy to help you too!


Is my messenger bag in the movie Premium Rush?

2 years ago this messenger bag was purchased from me to be used in the set dressing for a movie. That movie, Premium Rush, opens August 24th 2012. If anyone is going to the movie, please keep an eye out for it and let me know if you see it!


Back to school tie dye peace sign messenger bags!

Peace signs continues to be a popular theme for messenger bags. I see an interest in tie dye as well. I have made a few new bags with this combination, and there will be more coming in the next week or two
Here are the new bags in the shop now. Custom orders are always welcome, so you can get just what you are looking for!
See all the peace sign fabrics and bags available in the shop here

Tie dye with peace sign applique Lynx Deluxe 

Faux tie dye peace sign Zelda Messenger bag 
Faux tie dye peace sign Lynx Messenger Bag


Large Kipster knitting project bag

Due to customer demand, I have added a large Kipster to my line. The pockets and features are the same as the Kipster but it is taller and wider, allowing you to carry a bigger project.

Bliss Bouquet
African Vibes


From Finland to Woodstock

Earlier this year I shared some pictures, sent to me, from Mervi in Finland. She had purchased one of my peace sign messenger bags and I was so pleased to get photographs of her, with her bag, in Finland.
She told me that she, and her husband, were planning a dream vacation for the summer, and were coming to the US to visit the site of Woodstock.
She promised she would send some photographs from her trip. I am delighted to share these great images with you.

Wavy Gravy's overalls


A happy customer with her new Morphin flaps

Here's Ceci with her new flaps for her Morphin Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag. She can start the school year off with the same bag she used last year, but these 2 new flaps make it look like a new bag!


Vacation time!

 This is a short week for me. I will be taking some time off, yeah! Last shipping this week will be Tuesday morning July 10th.
The shop will be open for sales, but I won't be shipping, or answering emails, until July 20th.


Which Witch Shoulder Bag? A variety of Foxes

I found an amazing new line of prints called Nightshade.

The designer, Tula Pink, created a great back story for the witches, the Von Black sisters, featured on the fabric.
I decided to use them, and some of the co-ordinates, to illustrate the 3 models of my Fox shoulder bag. The Fox is 12.5" tall, 10.5" wide and 5.5" deep, has a zipper closure, an adjustable shoulder strap and a key clip inside. All models are the same size and have these features, however I have a Fox Deluxe, and a Super Fox as well

The first is the Fox featuring Neptunia Von Black, in Eveningshade

Tula writes" Neptunia Von Black, the youngest sister, left home at the age of nine to pursue a career in Pirating. By 12, Neptunia was captaining her own ship and striking fear into the hearts of yellow bellied pirates across the seven seas. Neptunia is also responsible for procuring exotic ingredients and tracking down mystical relics for her two sisters. It was during one of these relic hunts that Neptunia lost her eye in a fight with a sea turtle.

The Fox Deluxe has a zippered pocket on the back. I used Bella Donna Von Black on this style, in absinthe
Tula writes..."Bella Donna Von Black is the middle sister, the alchemist, the brain, the pride and joy of the Von Black family tree. Bella Donna poisoned her entire calculus class with a batch of smoking absinthe cookies as a 16th birthday present to herself. Their collective lack of ambition was holding back her education. Her genius lies in managing to transform the most innocuous compounds into a rainbow of deadly vapors. Oh, yeah, and she can also communicate with animals, the raven being one of her favorite familiars."

Finally, the Super Fox, which has the zippered pocket on the back and the Zoe Pocket set inside. Scarlett Von Black was used on the Super Fox, in vapor
Tula writes..."Scarlett Von Black is the oldest of the three sisters. Scarlett’s ninth and most recent husband perished in a freak weather accident much like her previous eight husbands. Although law enforcement has never been able to prove her involvement some still speculate as to how a man can drown in three inches of rain. Most of the Von Black family wealth is attributed to Scarlett Von Black thanks to a shocking lack of prenuptial agreements."


Drawstring Bag for Rummikub tiles

My Suebee drawstring bag is very versatile.  It began its life as a custom design for a customer looking for a round drawstring bag to carry her golf balls. She loved her first one so much she ordered more, and then, even more as gifts for friends and family. Her nickname, Suebee, became the name of the bag.
As time went on I kept making the bags and learned they are being used in a variety of ways. Not only for knitting, but going out for the evening, organizing in the bathroom, and now, as a place to keep Rummikub tiles.

What is Rummikub you ask? I had no clue!  I was told about it by a new customer who had searched for a simple drawstring bag in which to keep the tiles. Here's a page in Wikipedia, that explains the game

This customer bought one of my Suebees and it was such a hit she had me custom make one as a gift for one of her fellow Rummikub players

She was kind enough to send along this photograph of her friend, and the bag, in action!


Yarn Bombers Knitting Bag

Yarn bombing, urban knitting and graffiti knitting are some of the names for this unusual, world wide activity, by knitters.

Knitters, in the past thought of as quiet, unassuming ladies, creating basket loads of scarves and sometimes itchy sweaters, have taken up graffiti practices.

They go out in the dead of knit night and target everything from trees to phone kiosks, covering the objects with knitted sleeves or cozies

To learn more
A popular yarn bombing blog
read the book Yarn Bombing by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain
see some great pics
Even Time Magazine has taken note

I found this amazing fabric and knew it was perfect for my Kipster knitting bag


e-cigarette travel case, The Vaper

I was asked, by a new customer, to create an unusual bag, an e-cigarette travel case. She was struggling to quit smoking and had begun using an e-cigarette. I discovered a whole new world while working on this case. The end result was The Vaper

The people who use these e-cigarettes call themselves vapers, hence the name of the case. There are quite a few pieces of equipment and various supplies that are needed. We worked together to adapt one of my existing bags, in order to provide adequate storage space.

The e-cigarette, itself, can be quite costly, so I created a zippered compartment on the front, with padding on the outside, in order to provide protection

On the back there is another zippered pocket, which can be used for i.d, a little cash, or other e-cigarette supplies, such as small packets of flavoring

Purchase one of my wallet windows , add your i.d., credit card and license, slip it in that back pocket, and you are good to go

Following the style of many of my other bags, the back has 2 d-rings so that you can customize your Vaper, with a wristlet strap

a shoulder strap

or use one to attach your keys

Inside are 4 pockets, designed to hold batteries, flavoring and other accessories you may need

I wanted to keep the size of the Vaper as small as possible, as you see it's easy to carry in it in your hand

Finally, as always with my bags, you are welcome to custom order a Vaper in fabric that you love. You can see my fabric here. Keep in mind that not only is it a small case, but the zippers on front and back "cut" though the print so not all my fabrics will be suitable

Available in solid black for the guys!