Japanese themed Mini Messenger Bag, Duck Paradise

A Beautiful fabric, full of color and movement, plus all those gold accents, perfect for this Falcon mini messenger bag. Find it in my shop here


Echino Perch ( Birds) in pink Falcon Mini Messenger Bag

 The always popular line of Echino fabric, from Japan, has some new additions. This print is perfect for my Falcon, the small messenger with lots of organizing features. Isn't it great? I have this print in 4 colors too, purple, blue, and green, as well as this pink.
Find it in my shop here


New peace sign prints for messenger bags, wallet on strings, or purses

Peace signs continue to be popular, so I was pleased to find a new selection of them available.
Here are the newest additions. If you would like a messenger bag or perhaps a wallet on a string, or if you want to browse in order to find the right bag, then take a look in the shop and contact me to place a custom order.

 Rows of Peace

  Peace signs on yellow

Purple pastel peace signs

Peace signs orange and pink

Peace signs purple camo


Kim and her custom made bags

 Kim ordered 3 custom made bags and was so pleased she  sent along these photographs. She has a wallet on a string in the first two pics, and adds to it, in the last picture, a Bebe and a padded case for her laptop.
Thanks Kim, great pics!


Ninja Kanji Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag

 Although I put a lot of my fabric options, for your bags, in my fabric photo gallery, some I hold back until I can do a bag that I think will best showcase them. This ninja kanji fabric falls in that category. The best way to show the creativeness of this print was on a large messenger, the Panther Deluxe was ideal. We often see fabric with Japanese calligraphy, but this print turns them into small ninjas. Wonderful!
Find this bag in my shop here


Toni's family and their custom made bags

 One of my wonderful, return customers, Toni, and her kids, modeling their custom made Christmas gifts. What great pictures!!!


Valentine's Day special in the shop!



not valid for custom orders


Japanese Beauty Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag


I have been hard at work trying to build my inventory, as promised. I had only one Panther Deluxe in stock. I made 3 more in the last couple of weeks. This is one of them. Incredible fabric, so many motifs on it that I was able to put flowers on the flap and the flying cranes on the side pocket. A gorgeous one of a kind bag. See how the cherry blossoms, on the front, are falling over the cranes on the sides! Love it!
Find it in my shop here


The Art of Possibility, great fabric, wonderful background story

I thought this fabric print, Paint Sprinkles, was quite unusual and when I read the story behind it I had to get some.
It's from a collection of fabrics done by The Art of Possibility Studios for a major fabric company. The Art of Possibility Studios is the only for-profit art publishing and licensing brand exclusively representing physically disabled artists with the goal of... providing them with recognition and income opportunities.


Padded cases for the 3rd generation Kindle, The Kindle3

This case comes in two styles, a standard or a deluxe. Called the Elm, it is sized to hold the Kindle 3 in its hard case,  and will also hold the 1st generation Kindle.

The Elm is a padded zippered case, it has a d-ring on the side so you can purchase an optional attachable wristlet strap if you so desire. It also works as an attachment point for your keys.

The Elm Deluxe also has a zippered pocket on one exterior side allowing you to carry the charger or maybe a book light, and still have room for a few other items.

I am encouraging customers to contact me to place a custom order in the fabric of their choice. I have so many prints that it's impossible to offer each style in each print. Why settle anyway? Regular customers know it's more fun to have something made just for them!


Regina's Equine and Bourbon Tour

Regular readers will remember that Regina takes trips and sends along pictures of her Morphin Falcon in various locations.
Here are some from a trip during the summer.
Note the horse flap on the Morphin Falcon, she is careful to coordinate her flaps with the trip! Love it!!!!

The Wild Turkey distillery

Man o' War grave site at Kentucky Horse Park

The Barbaro statue at Churchill Downs