Adriana in Tokyo with her Daruma Britta Shopper Tote

One of my long time customers, Adriana, buys many of my bags as gifts for family and friends. Most have a Japanese motif. She has her own photo album in my gallery section where you can see many of the bags. This summer she, and her family, spent some time in Japan and she was kind enough to send some photos from their trip. 

Her sons, Sharkey (on the left) and Ryo are looking at the Japanese version of Chinese pork dumplings. They were not sure what to think of them: they are smaller, stickier and starchier than the Chinese version, and they had walked 2 hours to find them when they were in Osaka. 

Adriana is carrying a Britta Shopper Tote. This is the first photograph I have of someone with this size bag. The pic shows, perfectly, its size, and she said
"I carried in it a guidebook, two cameras, a camcorder, sometimes an iPad, phone, passport bag, hairbrush, bottled water and alarm clock, but, as you can see in the pictures, it does not look overstuffed.  It is the perfect size for traveling, in my opinion."
Thanks Adriana!

 She also said: "No, it's not the Eiffel Tower in the background; it is the Tokyo Tower, about 1/4th taller!!"

 From Wikipedia:
"The Daruma doll (達磨 daruma?), also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist. Though considered an omocha, meaning toy, Daruma has a design that is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the Japanese. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement. "


Future-Ella Britta Tote, Retro 60's Pin up girls!

This is such a great fabric! Out of print, but brought back recently in a couple of new colorways. As you can see a large motif, but, wow, does it ever work well on this size bag.
You can find it in the shop by clicking here.
I also have  this print in a pink version


Horse Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

 I thought it time to make a few horse messenger bags. I've been acquiring a nice selection of horse prints over the last few weeks. It was tough to decide which one to pick to make my first bag, but I think I selected wisely. This bag turned out to be pretty special. A great bag for a horse lover. No one else will have one like it!
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Japanese Cranes on Red Britta Shopper Tote

I've been working on a batch of the Britta Shopper Totes. My top of the line tote, it has the Zoe Pocket Set, and a key clip, as well as a pack cloth lining. A zipper across the top and the design choice of either two handles or an adjustable strap, like my messengers, make it a bag that can be used in many ways.
I tend to buy larger scale prints with an eye to making them into Britta's. This fabric was perfect!
This is a one of a kind bag, found in my shop here


Regina's Morphin Falcon at Hot Springs National Park

A report and pics from one of my customers!

 We recently went to Hot Springs for the Arkansas State HOG (Harley Owners Group) Rally.  Known for the mineral springs and bath houses, there’s also great scenery in the area from lakes to mountains to historic buildings, and some gangster tales, as well.  More info. can be found here:  http://www.hotsprings.org/things_to_do/baths_spas/.

I thought it appropriate to take my biker bulldogs along for the ride (Falcon and Mistee).  Above they are in front of the Fordyce Bath House, restored and used as the National Park Service’s Visitor Center

A better view of the bath house 

 It was rather ornate inside

 There are also several places you can fill containers with the water

And there’s a few places you can see some of the springs


Custom made diaper bag-Day of the Dead

This was an unusual bag. The customer wanted the Los Novios print on the flap of a Panther Deluxe, but something different on the pockets.

She picked this black and white swirl which looks great don't you think?

She added a full panel exterior zippered pocket. I put the Zoe Pocket Set inside this pocket to allow easy access

Inside I added a set of poochy pockets


New and improved fabric photo album plus fabric options for your dream bag: painter's palette, scooters on sorbet, night and day 2, leopard spots, and Echino bicycles

Painter's Palette

Scooters on Sorbet                                                     

 Night and Day 2


Southwest Stripe

Echino Bicycles on eggplant

I've done some work on the fabric photo gallery to make it easier to find that special fabric. I added a lot more categories, plus most pictures are now tagged. There is a search box at the top right of the gallery and you can use specific words to search for prints. I have used tags such as blackandwhite, cute, and tropical for example. I try to add a color tag or two to each print, as well as descriptive words that should allow you to conduct a more comprehensive search for the fabric you want for your dream bag! You can see a list of all the tags used. It's located under the search box. It has arrows allowing you to move through the list from left to right
Take a look at the new and improved fabric photo album here


Multi Colored Batik Peace Sign Messenger Bag

With back to school just around the corner peace signs bags are flying off the shelves! Here's my latest, a Zelda Messenger Bag made using a multi colored batik with bold black peace signs. Nice!
You can find it in my shop by clicking here

Click here to see all my bags and fabric options for your peace sign messenger bags. Most of my bags are custom made, so if you don't see what you are looking for, contact me, via the shop (look at the top of every page for the contact link) and we can work out the perfect bag for you!


Wallet on a String

This is the very first product in my line. I had a small purse I carried but it just wasn't right. I decided to come up with one that would do all the things I wanted!  

When you open it, while standing in line at the grocery store etc, everything has its place and is easy to access. I know each person has their own way of organizing their "must haves" but this is how I designed the "compartments".

The lower zippered pocket is for coins, behind that a place for your paper money. A divided pocket, with a wallet window is where I keep all my id and credit cards etc. An iPhone will also fit there very nicely

Behind that is an open pocket perfect for a pen, notebook, keys and other small items.

Behind the front flap is a full panel, zippered pocket.  A check book fits perfectly, but I carry all those little cards, and notes we like to have with us. You know what they are...Things like with the number of the printer cartridge I use, the punch card for the local coffee shop, that worn piece of paper with the dimensions of the window I must get new curtains for ....some day!

It's one on my more popular products, its so incredibly useful, (the only Zoe Designs product I use on a regular basis) and it makes the most perfect gift too!

You can find my wallets on a string by clicking here


Luxe Mom Likes My Bags!

My bags got a great review on Luxe Mom's blog spot yesterday.

You can read the entire review by clicking here

Whoo hoo! I am thrilled. Thanks Luxe Mom!


Red Plaid Messenger Bag

This customer found me on eBay a few years ago. She purchased some red plaid fabric and had me make her a Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag which she loved. 

Recently she decided it was time for a new bag. Red plaid still called to her.   It had also become a signature piece for her, so she wanted to stay with it!

This time she ordered a Lynx Deluxe, added an exterior zippered pocket and an inside laptop sleeve. She found some new plaid and sent it my way.

The day I took the pictures was especially sunny so they aren't as good as I would like, but the bag looks pretty sharp doesn't it?


One of a kind Asian Crane and Fan Messenger Bag-Lynx

Crane and fan Lynx Messenger Bag
Crane and fan Lynx Messenger Bag
Stunning fabric, low key, yet still eye catching.  This is a one of a kind bag. Another fabric that selects its own bag style. Too large for a Zelda, but just perfect on this Lynx

Find it in my shop by clicking here


Unusual pastel batik peace sign messenger bag-Zelda Deluxe

This fabric has been out of print for years. I had some in the purple version which sold very well. You can find the last one in my shop by clicking here. But I had never seen this version. I grabbed this small piece right away. As you can see it has a lot of variety in the colors as is typical with batiks.  Find it in my shop.