Asian Peonies in Blue Vase Tilly Shoulder Bag

When this fabric arrived I knew it would be perfect for a Tilly! With the new navy body fabric I have in stock I couldn't wait to get it made. Just finished it yesterday and got pics this morning. I love this bag!!! All the blues, and teals, together with the gold accents, oh my! It is gorgeous if I do say so myself. Only one available, so a true one of a kind. Find it in my shop here

More new fabrics, African import, adorable Asian Bunnies, owls, Asian Cranes and Tropical Summer

An African import I call African Black and Gold. It's gorgeous, the gold is printed onto the fabric.

Asian Bunnies, does it get any cuter??

Wise Owls, a great print from Alexander Henry

Asian cranes on dove gray, a Japanese import

Tropical Summer
, a great Island print!


New Fabrics Galore! Dragonflies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Regency Stripe, Morning Glories and Sushi Cats

Dragonfly Swirl

Regency Stripe

Sushi Cats

Morning Glory

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have gotten in a lot of new fabrics over the last week. I checked back on the blog posts to see what I have shared with you in the last month or so. Wow I haven't shown you many of the fabrics that I got in the last few batches prior to this new influx!
Time to change that, with warmer weather just around the corner you might be looking for a new flap or two, or a brand new bag.



Love Kitties Custom Order Zeldina

Hi Everyone!
I'm back from my Spring break and thought I'd share this bag I did as a Christmas gift for the niece of one of my regular customers. It has a definite 60's look don't you think?


Spring Break!

I will be taking some time off for Spring Break, starting on Saturday, March 20th and returning on Monday March 29th. The main shop will still be open , but anything purchased will not ship until I return. See ya then!

A new addition to my line : The Pinup Purse

I've made a few of this style purse in the last couple of years, only as a custom order for one customer. But recently a new customer asked for one so I decided to add them to my line since they are a lot of fun to work with. It's basically my Pickford Purse, but, because the image is printed on a fabric "block" I have to scale the size down a little to make it all work.
The prints are just great, and I am going to be adding accents such as crystals or bows etc.
They turn out to be fun purses for you or a great gift for a friend.
This is the first one, I'll be making a couple more over the next few weeks. You can find The Beach Time Babe in my shop here


Linda and Nicole's trip to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico Second Set

Linda and Nicole's trip to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico

Linda and her daughter, Nicole, ( in the pic above!) are fans of my Asian themed bags. They took a trip earlier this year, to Mexico, where they stayed at the Iberostar Tucan & Quetzal resort in Playa Del Carmen.
Linda was kind enough to take pictures of their bags enjoying a day at the beach. Don't they look relaxed?? LOL!

She also supplied some amazing shots of the wildlife they saw . She is happy to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them as much I did. I'll be spreading them out over a few days this week, since there are quite a few. Here's the first set!
Thanks Linda!



Custom order Dragonfly Tilly Shoulder Bag

Classic look, and perfect for a fan of dragonflies. The fabric was supplied by the customer, who is rapidly building a collection of my bags!
Stay tuned for the next one, on order now.


Stunning Kipster, (knit in public bag) and matching Pippa Portfolio-custom order

Dotty, a return customer, sent me this incredible fabric to make a Kipster, my drawstring knitting bag. She thought there might be enough fabric left to make a Pippa portfolio as well. She was right and the result was one of my favorite sets ever!

She kindly let me know her thoughts on the set.......

"Hi Karen!
Ahhh! Once again you have done it. You have created the perfect bag, and in this case, bags, for me! The Kipster is lovely in so many ways. I love how you used the fabric I sent; you preserved every wingtip on the cranes and placed every design on this small bag perfectly. I greatly appreciate the finesse it took and thank you for taking my ideas and making them come true. I immediately transferred my knitting project, needles, scissors, tape measure, small journal and pencil into the bag--and there's space for more! It also fits into my Falcon--an added bonus while traveling. In fact, I will be sitting in an airport next week. How fashionable I will feel pulling my beautiful Kipster out of my beautiful Falcon. Yippee!!

And, I love how you used the left-over fabric to make the Pippa Portfolio. I often carry a folder full of papers around to meetings and was worried that all the papers would fall out. Now they will be encased and protected in this stunning bag. Oh, Karen, you made my birthday extra special and I feel rich simply looking at these sumptuous bags.

As always, such a treat to work with you!! Thank you so much.


Custom order for a larger version of the Breazy iPhone Purse-The Mistee

A customer bought a Breazy iPhone, and came back with a custom request to super size it. Making it 7" wide and 5" tall. Still with the inner divider. She picked this great Chinese take out fabric. I will be adding it to my line, since I think it will be useful for a lot of you. It's called the Mistee. Here's what she said...

"I had Karen super-size the Breazy iPhone purse and love it! With the cover on the iphone, it was difficult to get things in and out of the regular size one and this one is just perfect. Not too big, not too small and it's great for those that don't like carrying a purse." Laura