Japanese Cranes and Bonsai Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag

I love this fabric!! It's out of print and I was thrilled to find it. It works so amazingly well on this larger scale Panther Deluxe Messenger don't you think?
Find it in the shop here


Indian Sari Blossoms Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

I was delighted to find this fabulous new fabric, Sari Blossoms. I love the Indian style prints, but there aren't many around. The color, raspberry, is gorgeous.  It pops against the black much more than the photographs show. 
This is a one of a kind bag, in my shop here:


wallet on a string on a dream cruise!

A picture sent by one of my regular customers.....
 cruising the Panama Canal.....from Acapulco to Ft. Lauderdale via Mexico, Nicaragua, and Jamaica.....


Custom Morphin Lynx, customer's fabric and wonderful comments!

Any fabrics with a motif of a well known character, like these, require me to have a license before I can sell products using them. All the Disney characters, Elvis, Gone with the Wind, Lucy, sports teams etc, you get the drift! You won't find anything like them in my shop.

This customer bought her own fabric and had me make the flaps for her, so that's a different story, and I was happy to do it. 

She was pleased with the outcome, as you can see,

I LOVE....LOVE....LOVE my bag. So cute, original and organized. BEST BAG EVER!!! seriously (and I have ALOT of bags) :0) I am very pleased.


Kentucky Derby Hats, Church Hats, Red Hats, Garden Party Hats I 've got em!


In previous blog posts I've mentioned that I also make hats. I love working on them. I have boxes of flowers and tulle, and hat blocks and all kinds of pieces I've collected, to embellish them.

I finally got the "hat aisle" in my on line shop up and running. 
There are hats for sale and I will be adding more as time goes by

 kenticky derby red hat with flowers
As is the custom with my business, if you are looking for a specific hat, in a certain color, please contact me. We can work on it together! Custom orders welcome!

red hat wired brim


Peace sign fabrics for messenger bag, wallets on strings, iPad cases, you name it!

I continue to buy peace sign fabrics when I find them, and I now have a huge selection from which to pick.  I doubt you will find this many anywhere else!

People are now custom ordering peace sign wallets on strings and they look really great!

Messenger bags continue to be a popular item to get custom made, and cases for iPads or other padded cases, such as e readers, like the Kindle or Nook, are picking up speed

Here's a few of the newer peace sign fabric options

Words of Peace

Green and purple batik peace signs

Purple batik flowered peace signs

Pink peace signs and flowers


Peace Buttons

Peace Hearts and Love