Asian Peony Passion Tilly Shoulder Bag

I like the Tilly a lot. I don't make enough of them, so I decided, today it was time. The Kona Bay print is stunning, as are most of their line.
It has a lot of uses, could be perfect for a diaper bag, a work bag, travel bag, gym bag, school bag. That's why it's nickname is the Perfect Every Day Bag.
This is a one of a kind bag , you can find it in my shop by clicking right here!


Zen Tattoo Fox Shoulder Bag

This is the Fox Shoulder Bag.

31.75 cm

26.67 cm

8.89 cm

It has the adjustable strap of the messengers, and the key clip inside, that everyone loves. Simple but super useful. And, of course, we can add a Zoe Pocket Set and/or an exterior zipper pocket .
I love this Alexander Henry Zen Tattoo fabric, it goes so well with the Marina blue body fabric I have in stock.
You can find this bag in my shop right here


More Kentucky Derby Hats

As I mentioned in my previous post, big fancy hats are in demand, not just by those attending the Kentucky Derby, but for women going to Kentucky Derby parties in their own home towns. The three that I made, shown in pics in that previous post, are sold

April 2011
I am now selling my hats in my on line shop. Find them by clicking here!


Custom Falcon Mini Messenger Bag with three removable flaps

I worked with this customer to create the exact parts and pieces she wanted for her bag.
We started with a Morphin Falcon. However, on one side pocket we put a zipper closure, the other we did as an open top, mesh pocket.

What did she say?

"I got the bag on Saturday. It is perfect!! It fits my EEEpc in the back slot perfectly somehow, as does the mesh fit my other gadget. Amazing!!! I gave you a shoutout in my blog (http://bakayal.livejournal.com), not many people read it, but I bought a bag before from somewhere else and they apparently bought a bag based on my review so there ya go ;) I'm loving the flaps. I put some of my button pins all over the strap and it's really cool now!! "
Stacia 4/19/09


One of a kind Native American Woman and Feathers Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag

I am wild about this bag!! I've had the fabric for quite a while and made a Tallullah purse, which sold long ago. I made the flap when I made my last batch of Zeldina's. But I knew it had to be made with the brown body instead of black. So I set it aside until the time was right. Here it is. Just as I imagined, the colors and the motif are incredible! I am very pleased with this one of a kind bag.
Find it in my store by clicking here

A Testimonial for Zoe Designs Ltd Bags

I was touched that a regular customer took the time to relate this story, and offer kudos for my bags.

So I am a huge fan.... and I love my bag, but today it loved me back. I dropped my car off with a mechanic this morning and then walked a mile through a fairly affluent neighborhood to my favorite bookstore to spend the afternoon reading. In my bag I had a school book and a "for fun" book, my iPod, my knitting (expensive yarn) my wallet and various other things. Around 4 in the afternoon my car was ready so I started to walk back. Halfway there a kid (maybe 16 years old) came up behind me and grabbed the strap of my bag. I kept my hand firmly around the strap. I tugged and he tugged and I hit him and tugged back. I hadn't closed the bag all the way, so he reached inside, grabbed my wallet and ran off. But my books and my iPod and my knitting and everything else was safe.
The strap held - isn't even damaged. If I had closed the other side of the bag he wouldn't have gotten anything.

For the record, I don't recommend fighting back... but this time it was all ok.
Thank you for making such a sturdy bag.



Japanese Robot Man Bag!

I worked with a neighbor to create this great bag. He liked this fabric, an out of print Japanese import. Who wouldn't??
An Associate Professor, his current bag was showing the wear and tear of carrying books.
He decided on a Zelda Deluxe, which allowed for more usage of the robot fabric on the side pockets, and added a padded shoulder strap.
I began with the Zelda Deluxe style, but due to his request for a beefier design, I used the construction of the Shark, which has a heavier lining, taped seams, and a taped flap edge.
I added to that by using a ballistic nylon ( this is the fabric used to make bullet proof vests!) for the inner sides, and added a strip of the ballistics to bottom of the front and back interior panels.
The finishing touch, was the glow in the dark buckles. These are awesome! I only have a few and this is the first time I have used them. When the light in the sewing room was out I couldn't believe how bright they glowed. I must make some more bags using these great buckles, sure to get attention when you are out at night!



Leah, Mexico, Coconut Tree, Morphin Zeldina=Paradise

Thanks to Leah for posing under the coconut tree with her Morphin Zeldina during her recent trip to Mexico! You are invited to send along pictures of you and/or your bags, (Or your pets!) for inclusion in my Gallery. Doesn't have to be an exotic locale, your home town probably has an interesting spot or two! Creativity encouraged by the way.

Show and Tell at Zoe's Bag Boutique

I have instituted a customer appreciation/referral plan that I hope will benefit us all. So many of you have been kind enough to ask for my business cards, which you give to people who ask about your Zoe bags. Now you can give a card, add your name and earn a $5 credit for every customer you send my way, who buys $25 or more. Two referrals and you pretty much have a Morphin Zeldina flap! Click here and a pdf should download for you. The card gives the new customer a 10% discount, you get a credit and I get a new customer. I can also send you the pdf as an attachment, please ask. Thanks, you guys rock!


Zoe's Bag Boutique 1st Giveaway

As I expand what I can do with my own shop I thought it was time to do my first giveaway!
What better product to select for the giveaway than a Morphin Zeldina body and one removable flap of your choice?

Total value is $42.00 plus shipping. If you already have a Morphin Zeldina, don't worry, I'll give you credit instead.

How do you enter? Easy! Sign up for the newsletter , IN THE BOX TO THE RIGHT OF THIS POST,------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
and you are good to go. Be sure to take the final security step and acknowledge you signed up for the newsletter or you won't get included.

I will randomly select a winner from that list on May 6th. Good luck!


Honeysuckle Tote -Art Nouveau Butterflies and Iris

I have mentioned before, I start quite a few projects only to put them aside while I work on a custom order. Eventually I go back to finish them and am always so pleased when I do.
They tend to be made with fabrics I really like and I have been waiting a long time to turn them into the perfect bag to show them off. Then they get partially constructed and again, put aside.
That happened with some Honeysuckle Totes I had in motion. I am working on a large custom order that includes all sizes of the totes. So when I worked on each size I added a few for inventory.
Slowly they are reaching completion.
Here's one of the mediums. It's an Art Nouveau design, with butterflies and iris. There is something about this print that caught my eye long ago, when shopping for fabric on line. I kept thinking about it and finally went back to see if it was still available. Yeah it was.
How many times has that happened to you? Usually, when you go back, it's long gone!!
Find it right here


The Boda- A Padded Case for netbooks

With the help of a kind customer, I am able to add another product to my line. This is a no frills padded case for the smaller netbooks

The name Boda, means messenger in Old English

Sized to fit netbooks measuring:


17.018 cm


Holds the Asus model EeePC 900HA with a 8.9” (22.606 cm) screen perfectly, as stated by the customer

“Tried it out on my netbook and it fits perfectly! Very excited about that. It even has enough room that if I wanted to slide in the A/C adapter it would fit. I love it and it's just what I was looking for! Tory”

I started with a simple no frills design, but can easily add extra pockets, or a carry strap if you would like to carry it over your shoulder.
Please contact me for that type of customizing. The Boda can be found in my shop by clicking here


Peace Sign Laptop case or Messenger Bag?

Just got this print in. Haven't made anything with it yet. I will probably keep it for custom orders. I don't have a lot so if you love it contact me to place your order. I am thinking it would be great for a Peace Sign Messenger Bag or a Peace Sign Laptop Case, among many other choices! Click on the links to see the choices you have for messenger bags and laptop cases.
Drop me a line and claim your peace! service@zoesbagboutique.com


I just got three brand new, gorgeous batik peace sign fabrics in stock. I will be making messenger bags and laptop cases with them. I will also be doing a new blog post. But I know many people are coming to this post looking for peace sign messenger bags and laptop cases.
Here are the new prints. Most bags will be made to order so please feel free to contact me to order yours! If you take a look around my shop you will see the many styles available.
Thanks Karen

Click contact at the top of every page in my shop to order your custom made peace sign messenger bag



Tish, Ike, and Jack in Wyoming

As always I encourage you to send along pictures of you and/or your bags and also, your pets, for inclusion in the Gallery
This is a great one sent by Tish and her boys, Ike and Jack, taken at what might be the only tree in Wyoming! Sorry Wyoming, you know I'm kidding :-)



Customer returns for 2nd custom order!

One of my customers, living in Hawaii, ordered a custom bag that I wrote about in a previous post.
She sent me more fabric, one piece to make a diaper bag for a friend, and the other, a square of stunning Echino fabric.
She thought perhaps a flap for a Morphin bag. But I suggested we utilize the shape and go with a slightly altered version of a Honeysuckle Tote. She wanted the body to be red, no problem I have a bright and beautiful red cordura on hand. The resulting bag was eyecatching, as was the Layla Diaper bag, which has an internal divider, padded shoulder strap, outer zippered pocket..the works.
She tells me:

"Hej Karen.

No more Aloha for me. I just moved from Hawaii to Sweden, hence the late reply.
The bags arrived and were more than I expected as usual. My friend -who got the diaper bag- was really pleased with the bag and it works great for her.
I am super happy with my bag. You cannot believe how many people who have come up to me and asked me where I bought it. It looks very unique, and it was the absolute best way to use the fabulous echino fabric. I love the shape of the bag and it looks really small, but it holds my computer a couple of books and even a set of training clothes and it still doesn't look to full. It is like a magic bag.
I will send you some pics with the bags in action later.
I hope you ship internationally otherwise you will have to make an exception for me.





Messenger Bag with a Padded Compartment for a Netbook

It was time! An Australian customer wanted to get a messenger bag with the derby girl fabric. However she wanted to carry her Acer Aspire in it and the Zeldina was too small and the Zelda too large.

So I expanded the Zeldina by an inch in every direction,making it 9" tall, 12" wide and 4" deep, added an extra pocket on the inside back, and padded it. The customer has a case for her Aspire so she didn't need it. but I thought others might like having a built in pocket, into which they can slide their Netbook.

I can also make the same bag without the padding. It turned out quite nice I think. Named the Hawk, you can find it in my shop. Custom orders welcome as always. Oh one more thing, yes it can be made in the Morphin style. So if you want to change the look of your bag on a regular basis, you only have to buy a few flaps, not a few bags!


More customer pics from Europe!

Abby and Madi in Cesky Krumlov
in the Czech Republic.

Abby at Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich

Abby is doing an amazing job of sending me pics of her, her Morphin Zeldina, and occasionally other family members.

As always, you are encouraged to send along your pics of you and/or your bags for inclusion in this blog and the Gallery section of my site. Don't forget pets pics are also welcome!