The many looks of Zeldina- Mini Messenger Bag

This bag continues to gain fans. I am getting a constant stream of custom orders, each reflecting the taste of the customer. What a varied selection !


Peace Sign Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

Peace continues to be a popular theme on my bags. Here's my latest. The first time I've made one as a Zelda Deluxe. Those extra side pockets are a very popular feature on my bags!Buy it now

I just got three brand new, gorgeous batik peace sign fabrics in stock on July 21/09. I will be making messenger bags and laptop cases with them. I will also be doing a new blog post. But I know many people are coming to this post looking for peace sign messenger bags and laptop cases.
Here are the new prints. Most bags will be made to order so please feel free to contact me to order yours! If you take a look around my shop you will see the many styles available.
Thanks Karen





Asian Cranes Deluxe Zelda Messenger bag-Custom order

Another beautiful custom order !

Comments from the customer:

"Hi Karen,

I wanted to let you know that the bag arrived last week and it is incredible!!
The pattern is stunning and the workmanship is amazing! Thank you so, so much
for doing this for me! It's so beautiful I almost don't want to use it--almost,
that is. I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how happy I am with
this beautiful bag. Thanks again for everything!"


The ABC an Everyday Padded Camera Bag for the small digitals

An Everyday Camera Bag

This product too, came as a request. Sized to hold the small digital cameras so many of us have, it's perfect to carry in your bag. Made with 1/4" padding to provide protection.

On the front, a zippered pocket for batteries, extra memory, and, perhaps, a few dollars and your id.

On the back, loops, which, with the purchase of a carabiner will allow you to hook it to your belt, belt loops or other handy places. Or you may order an optional shoulder strap. (These can be purchased as add on items)

Sized to hold cameras 4"x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" or less. I used my camera, a Sony Cyber-shot, as the model for the case. When I looked at similar cameras at my local department store, the majority were smaller than mine.

A genius idea from my customer.
Inside, a clip to attach to the strap. When taking a picture, the bag will hang below. No more setting your camera bag down and walking away without it, or, trying to take a picture with the case stuck under your arm. You know you've done this!


New Zelda Messenger Bags in motion

Here's a sneak peak at the new batch of messenger bags. I always start with the flaps. Then I decide if they should be a regular Zelda, or a Zelda Deluxe.
If one catches your eye, shoot me an e-mail and I will be happy to turn it into the bag you desire!

The Grab and Go- A Padded Laptop Case

I've been planning to make a padded laptop case for some time now. I'd tried a zippered cover but wasn't happy with the design.
My Large Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag has a sleeve for a laptop, but, I wanted to provide some optional protection as well. I decided a padded case, that would fit into the sleeve, provide easy access to the laptop, but also work as a "grab and go" case was the solution.
The case has a flap, along the top edge, that closes with velcro. When inside the messenger bag, the flap folds nicely to the back, leaving the top of the case open. A tab in the messenger bag keeps things secure.
When you need to take the laptop, but not the messenger, simply pull the case out of the sleeve, fold the flap forward and, voila, you are good to go.


Custom made Tallullah Purses

Regular blog readers will recognize the style of these three bags. This customer likes a variety of themes but, they seem to often involve pinups and monsters!
It's tough to pick a favorite. She thinks so too.


Sock Monkey Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag-Custom order

This was a custom order and just so cute I thought I'd post it to share . A Zeldina mini messenger bag and a matching Gamer, my Nintendo ds Lite padded bag. Then I received some amazing comments, from the customer, and she gave me permission to add them to the post.

She said:


I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the sock monkey bag! I have an obsession with sock monkeys and I am a children's librarian (school starts next week) and this is just the perfect bag for me. Very high quality work and reasonable prices. I just want to tell you thank you so much for the custom request. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with. I promise I will be back soon. =)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it!! "


A Padded Case for A Blackberry

At the request of a customer, I designed a snug padded case to hold her Blackberry. I will be listing some in my shops in the near future. But, as always, you are welcome to contact me to place an order. service@zoesbagboutique.com
Here's how they look.... with my own version of a Blackberry to show the sizing.