A custom Large Zelda Deluxe with co- ordinating wallet

I posted the prototype for this bag earlier . Here's the final bag and the wallet. This was a custom order. The customer saw the fabric on my Flickr site and asked for the messenger bag plus a wallet made from a co-ordinating fabric. My Zelda Deluxe would not accommodate her laptop, so this order required a new design first!
Here is the result.


What, another new design? Yep, take a look.

Introducing The Honeysuckle Zippered Tote.
These days all my new designs are driven by customer demand. It's really great because I don't have to guess what people want, instead they tell me and I design it!
I was contacted by a customer who saw my Fleur bowling tote ( a previous blog post) listed on eBay. She liked the fabric and the shape of the tote, but wanted a zipper and more volume inside the bag. She told me the dimensions and I got to work. Here's the result. I started with my Fleur tote and made a large version, 16" wide, 13" tall and 3 1/2" deep. This allows for a three ring binder and plenty of other items as well. The handles are still the same length, but I put a zipper across the top to keep the contents protected. The zipper comes around the corners a little so it's easy to open the bag and slide in books, binders, etc. without struggling. The basic design and materials are the same, it's just larger and has a zipper. The last picture is The Honeysuckle and The Fleur for size comparison. That's a thin three ring binder peeking out of The Fleur. The previous post shows a spiral notebook, which fits completely inside the bag.


A return customer with another custom order

This customer bought the two Bebe's that I had posted previously. Take a look at these two babies she ordered. She looked at the fabrics on my Flickr site and picked two she liked. She described the bag she envisioned and we worked together, via e-mailed pictures, to create it. It's a great design so I am adding it to my line and naming it for her, "The Babs".
She also ordered this wallet on a string made from fabric that caught her eye. Gorgeous!

A couple o' Zeldinas

Here's the newest Zeldinas. The mermaid bag is sold already, didn't even get a chance to post it on my blog or at my Flickr site first!


One more from that order

Here's the 5th bag from that previous order!

What a great selection in one order!

Here's a group of custom bags I worked on with one of my favorite customers. She found the fabrics she wanted and I ordered them. Then we worked together, via e-mailed pictures, on each bag's design. They are all Tallullahs but two of them are my new large Tallullah. Aren't they outstanding??


The Fleur Tote

Yesterday I was contacted by a lady who liked a piano keyboard Scooter zip bag I had. She wanted to know if I made totes since she'd like something simple for her daughter to carry books in to her music lessons. I had a couple of totes in my line years ago and I was going to pull them out and see what I could do. Instead I put together a new design. Very simple, however easy to customize. Right now it's designed to hold a few books. It's 9" tall x 12 wide x 2" deep. But it can easily be 12" tall, 9" wide and 2" deep. The straps are 34" long. This is a no frills bag. It's lined in sturdy stain resistant, water repellent black nylon pack cloth. The "feature fabric" will appear on the front and back but the sides will be made from the stain resistant, water repellent, 400 denier nylon that I use on my Tallullah purse and messenger bags.
The beauty of this bag is it's versatility from a design standpoint. It will be very easy to customize based on my customers requests. As I said above, it can be tall or wide. I can change the size at will, making it wider, taller, deeper or any combo. I can add my pocket set or a key clip. I can add one simple pocket inside, make the straps longer or shorter, add a magnetic snap or interface it for additional sturdiness.
This is the small version, but I will be making a couple more standard sizes. I'm thinking a medium and large would be needed.


Another custom order

One of my customers saw two fabrics on my Flickr site she thought would be great as Bebe's.
We really worked together to choose the exact section of the fabric to make the Indian Bebe. I took lots of pictures but she knew what she wanted. A specific section of the fabric she saw in the Flickr photograph. Both came out great and I hear reports of compliments she is receiving! Yeah! No wonder, she has a great eye for design. Check them out.

Custom Zeldina!

Here's the custom Zeldina. My customer saw this fabric on my Flickr site and asked for a small messenger bag. This is the catalyst for the new design. It's stunning, great taste my dear!


Cuteness Reigns

Another Border Collie lover commissioned a purse this week. Here's the purse and a couple of baby pictures she kindly sent me. Blue and Sky, what great names, and, look at those faces!


A new Large Zelda/Zelda Deluxe

A customer wanted a Zelda Deluxe, but, based on the dimensions of the contents she gave me I knew they would not fit. Enlarging my messenger bag had been on the to-do list, so, the timing was great.
This is the prototype for the larger size.
  • The front and back panels measure 16" wide by 12" tall.
  • It is 7" deep.
  • There is a pocket on one of the panels for a laptop computer with a velcro tab it keep it from slipping out.
  • My standard Zoe Designs pockets are still included as is the key clip and water bottle pocket.
Here's a couple of thoughts about this bag:
  1. I put the laptop sleeve on the inside of the front panel and the pockets on the inside of the back panel. I think they should be reversed, pockets to the front, laptop to the back.
  2. I think the tab for the top of the laptop pocket should be longer to make sure it will velcro together after the laptop is inside.
  3. Perhaps there should be a cinch adjustment at the bottom of the sides as there is at the top of the sides. This would allow more flexibility if the bag isn't fully loaded.
  4. Perhaps there should be an open pocket on the inside, opposite the bottle pocket, for computer cords etc.
  5. This fabric is outstanding isn't it!!!!


The Pearl

I designed a bag last Halloween to showcase a vintage-look pin up witch on the moon. I liked it so much I've decided to add it to my line. While I may focus on Halloween prints right now, due to the proximity to that day I will be making this bag out of other prints I think suitable !