Big changes to the blog!

Earlier this year I did a major redesign on my website. Now it's time to do the same for this blog! I have launched a new blog that will be on a different blogging platform, Wordpress rather than Blogger. 

This change gives me a new look for the blog which will match the new look for the shop. It also gives me some great features for sharing photographs of you and your bags. It integrates the photo gallery I have had for years, right into the blog.

It's a great new look and I plan on blogging more often. To those of you who have followed this blog via email or other feeds over the years, thank you. Please join me on the new blog here. If you are subscribed via email I will move that subscription to the new blog so you will still get notifications. You can unsubscribe if you wish, though I hope you will stay. You can also sign up for an RSS feed of the new blog.

I created this blog in 2007. Wow time flies. It's time for an update to move it into the world of 2019. This blog will still be on line, but the place to read new posts is here.

Thanks for all your support, see you Behind the Seams!


Another happy customer, her knitting bags and her kitty!

Many thanks to Penny for sharing these photographs of her Zoe bags. This one is the Stitch, designed to store long knitting needles, Penny tells me it will hold a knitting project too as we can see here.

This is Penny and her new Alpaca bag, designed for large knitting projects. Siren, as with most cats, wanted to be included!


Zippered tote bags to wear cross body or on your shoulder with a haunted house, birds and flowers, Tula Pink's Tabby Road cats or Japanese cranes and mums.

My medium Honeysuckle zippered tote bag is a simple design that can be used to carry so many things without the risk of them falling out when you set the bag down!

An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to change the length to fit the way you like to carry your bags, on your shoulder or cross body.

I have an assortment of beautiful designs available, and as always custom orders are welcome. Sized at 15" wide, 11" tall and 3.5" deep there is plenty of room to carry what ever you need without it seeming bulky.

Find them in my shop here. I also have a small and a large version.

Tula Pink's Disco Kitty from her Tabby Road collection, Honeysuckle zippered tote

Japanese Cranes and Mums zippered tote bag, The medium Honeysuckle

Haunted House medium Honeysuckle zippered tote
 This is Birds and Blossoms, a medium Honeysuckle Deluxe zippered tote bag. Inside it has the Zoe Pocket Set giving you some organizing features!


Anathema Steele and my Tallullah purse

Many thanks to Anathema Steele, model and belly dancer, for sharing this incredible photograph of herself and her Sebastian Ghastlie Tallullah purse


Mahjong storage set, a zippered tote bag for racks and pushers with a flat bottom bag for tiles!

My Mahjongg storage set was designed due to customer requests for something easy to use and nice to look at too.

The zippered Tote-ster is a tote designed to carry four Mahjongg racks and pushers and the Large Zini is a flat bottom zippered bag for the tiles. No more time spent putting the tiles back into a case, just sweep them into the Large Zini and zip it closed. Set the racks in the bottom of the Tote-ster, slide your card into the pocket and set the Large Zini on top of the racks. You are good to go!

Many of these sets are one of a kind which makes them even more special. Check out the sets I have in stock. 

Custom orders are always welcome. 

I have a variety of storage options for your Mahjongg equipment, plus zippered pouches just for your Mahjongg card with an inner pocket for coins.


Witches and their brooms on wallets and coin purses

Say hello to Broomhilda and her brooms! How could I pass up on these two prints? I have them available in two colors as you can see.

This is my Sweet Pea mini wallet. It also works great as a purse organizer and a small iPhone wallet.
The fabric is Broomhilda Rides.
Witch on broom mini wallet, iPhone wallet

Witches on brooms small wallet
This is a Sweet Pea mini wallet
The fabric is Broomhilda's Brooms
Witches brooms mini wallet

Witches brooms iPhone purse
This is my Raven coin purse made with the Broomhilda's Brooms fabric.
Witches brooms coin purse


Witches and Wizards Bookshelf Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

I could not resist using this awesome bookshelf fabric for a messenger bag. It's a bookshelf for a witch or wizard and I am sure it will appeal to many people including fans of Harry Potter.

This Lynx Deluxe messenger bag has pockets inside for organizing, plus a bottle sleeve and a key clip. On the sides you will find an open pocket and a zippered pocket. The shoulder strap is adjustable so you can wear it as a cross body bag as well.

Find it in the shop here

Witches and Wizards Bookshelf messenger bag


Extra large pencil cases in time for back to school!

Some of my customers have asked for a large zippered bag to hold the expanding assortment of pens, pencils, markers and other tools of school their kids need to have with them.

Behold the Supa Scribe!

Below is a sample of the Supa Scribes I have in the shop right now.
Custom orders are welcome if you don't see just the right fabric. 
Check out the fabric album here

Classic books large pencil case

Kawaii jumbo pencil case
Japanese Peonies extra large pencil case
Piano pencil case

Tabby cats large pencil case
Alphabet jumbo pencil case
Elements extra large pencil case

I Love My Cat large pencil case


A Morphin Messenger Bag in action at Torreya State Park in Florida

Many thanks to Patsy for sending these pics of her Morphin Hawk messenger bag at Torreya State Park in Northwest Florida. My Morphin bags have removable flaps so you can change the look of your bag in a flash. Make them match your mood or your outfit, have a new look for your bag when ever you feel like it.

Buy one body and as many flaps as you want. Find the Morphins in my shop here