Some new Squirrel iPhone clutches. They work for lots of other phones too :-)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a new versatile iPhone purse design, called the Squirrel. You can use it as a clutch or purse insert, or, by purchasing some add ons, you can use it as a wristlet, shoulder bag, or even an iPhone waist pack. Here's some of the new Squirrels recently added to the shop.

Sock monkey family portrait
Skull Damask


Valley of the Kings
Suzani in purple

Japanese waves in blue and gold

Cranes and flowers


Mille Fiore      


A happy customer with their new Morphin Lynx Deluxe Skull Messenger Bag!

Say hello to Ceci, on her first day of school. She has a Morphin Lynx Deluxe with a glow in the dark skulls flap. Isn't she adorable?


iPhone purses with removable shoulder strap, belt or wristlet

I am so pleased to introduce this new style, The Squirrel. Designed as an iPhone purse, it works great when carrying most smart phones and other purse related items.  It's the most versatile style I have. Use it as it is, and it's a clutch. It has an inside divider, an outer zippered pocket and 2 d-rings ,which you can use as a place to attach your keys.
 You can find the Squirrels, and other bags suitable for iPhones, in the shop by clicking here.  Don't see quite the right one? No problem custom orders are always welcome. There are 100's and 100's of fabric options
But first, scroll down for more info and pics!

The addition of the 2 d-rings is the key to its many uses. Want to use it as a wristlet? Buy a Strappy, or, for you regular customers, use the one you have. Since there are 2 d-rings you can use it in your left or right hand.

Want to use it as a shoulder bag, a hipster bag, or a belt bag and waist pack? I now have a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, that can also be worn as a belt. 

I wanted to make this available in a way that would allow you to decide what works for your needs. So you can buy just the clutch, or add on any of the other accessories that you want. Most of the listings in the shop allow for that. There are some, such as the sock monkeys, that give you a choice of fabric. I wasn't able to add the accessories to the listing as well.


New sizes available in the Tilly Shoulder Bag

I made larger sizes of the Tilly Shoulder Bag a while ago. I finally added those options to the shop this week!
You can find them in my shop here

The regular Tilly is 13" wide x 9.75" tall x 6" deep. It has this zippered pocket on the back (or front if you so desire). It has an open side pocket and a zippered side pocket.
koi shoulder bag

The medium Tilly is 2" taller, all the same features.

The large Tilly also has the same features but is quite a bit larger at 16" wide x 12" tall x 6" deep. Great for traveling!

large zippered travel bag diaper bag with side pockets

large zippered travel or diaper bag with side phone pocket