My Newest Bag- Introducing "The Tilly"

I was contacted, last year, by two women who told me they had been looking for the perfect bag for five years. They thought my bags were close to that which they were seeking and that I was the woman who could, indeed, create their Perfect Bag. With such confidence in my abilities and the intriguing promise of creating such a bag, I was happy to begin working on their vision.
During the process I was contacted by other customers seeking their own versions of "The Perfect Bag" Many of the original "Perfect Bag" ingredients were in these new requests. We must be on the right track I thought. While the original "Perfect Bag" order is now coming close to completion, I was able to make a basic model and fill a custom order this week.
What we have, for the basic model "The Tilly", is here in pictures. It's my Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag body, but no flap , instead I added a zippered top. The side pockets still exist, one open, one zippered, the Zoe Pocket Set is still there inside, as is the bottle sleeve and the key clip.
Instead of two solid exterior panels for the front and back, there is now a zippered pocket, which can be on the front or back.
In this case, the customer chose to have the zippered exterior pocket on the front panel. She loved the tattoo prints and suggested combining the colors. What resulted was a really great looking bag. The Tilly has arrived!


A Beautiful Batik Custom Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

Another new customer looking for a custom bag. She had a few fabrics that caught her eye, but finally settled on this beauty. It's stunning!