A happy customer in Sweden with her shoulder bag in Ikea fabric

This is wonderful! Fans of Ikea furniture will know they also make fabrics, and are a Swedish company.
I had this great Ikea fabric that seemed perfect for a Tilly shoulder bag. Gunnel, who lives in Sweden, bought the bag. So my bag, made with Swedish Ikea fabric, has a new home in Sweden.
The lovely Gunnel was kind enough to send me this fantastic photograph of herself and her new bag.
I am so happy! Thank you Gunnel.


Cute, unusual, and pretty pen and pencil cases

The Scribe is my pen and pencil case. A simple zippered bag that is quite popular. It can be used for many other things besides pencils.  Its long, slim shape can accommodate all kinds of things that you might need to carry in your purse!
The variety of prints I use means they are a great gift idea too. 
Here's a selection

Dinosaur pencil case

Peace buttons
Teddy's adventures
Koi pond
Glow in the dark stars

Movie Monsters


Unusual cases for Kindles :Fire and Touch, Nooks, Galaxy Tabs and other small tablets and ereaders

Wizard cat padded case for Kindle 3rd Gen Fire, Touch 2nd Gen Nook, The Elm
A really unusual ereader case for cat lovers, called wizard cat

My Elm padded zippered case is perfect for people looking for something unique to carry their smaller ereaders and tablets. Sized to hold the Kindle 3rd Generation, it also works great for Kindle Fire and Touch, Nook 2nd Generation, and the Galaxy Tab 7.0, Plus and 7.5
Designed to allow you to add straps in order to customize how you want to carry the case. You can buy it as it and put it in a larger bag, or lay it on a table, or you can purchase additional straps that turn it into a wristlet or a shoulder bag.

You can add the additional straps right in the listing for the bag, as you check out, making a one stop shopping trip!

kindle ereader case with removable shoulder strap 

Dysfunctional family padded case for Kindle 3rd Gen Fire, Touch 2nd Gen Nook, The Elm
Looking for something retro and quirky? Can't go wrong with Dysfunctional family!

Stained glass poppies padded case for Kindle 3rd Gen Fire, Touch 2nd Gen Nook, The Elm
Pretty? How about stained glass poppies?

Want something else? Look at the fabric options here. There are 100's and 100's
Then contact me to place a custom order. I make custom cases every week!

 Karen 1/23/12


Beautiful custom made Japanese messenger bag

What a beautiful custom ordered bag this was. It's a Panther Deluxe made with the Heron Garden print. This is the largest messenger bag I make and many people order them to use as diaper bags, or school bags.
The side pockets


A happy customer with her Zoe's Bag Boutique collection

A photograph of Karen, one of my regular customers, with part of her collection of my bags. Plus wonderful comments from her, about the new Raccoon bag, (seen on the left of this pic) she just acquired


"Even though it's been a while, you still get me with such great designs and fabric. I use my other gems a lot and love
them all. I never ever tire of the things you make.

thank you as always,


Gorgeous Day of the Dead fabric for your dream bag!

Just in, a beautiful new Day of the Dead fabric called Jardin de Los Meurtos. Day of the Dead bags continue to be one of my best sellers, especially Day of the Dead diaper bags. I ship them all over the world!
Contact me if you must have something made from this beauty. I just shared it on Facebook and already have a taker! 


Horses, drawstring bags, and you!

I wanted to share this awesome horse print with you today. I have quite a few horse fabrics, some of which you can see here

This is a Suebee drawstring bag. These simple bags are very popular with my customers. They use them for everything from knitting bags to storage in the bathroom, carrying golf balls and going out for the evening!

They are perfect gifts, and work great as reusable wrapping too!
Of course, if you would like something custom made with a horse fabric, I am happy to do that.  Contact me anytime!


Border Collie bags!

I love this fabric! Our first dog was a border collie mix. He was the animal that made us so crazy about dogs. This fabric has a great selection of border collie faces on it, and makes the best bags for border collie lovers.

I always have Scooter zip bags and Raven coin purses in stock. It also makes a great wallet on a string as you can see in this picture of a happy recipient of a Christmas gift, made just for her

A Raven coin purse

A Scooter zip bag
If you would like to have a border collie purse, messenger bag, case for your Kindle, or iPad, this is the place to get itContact me for a custom order, as my regular customers will tell you, custom orders are my specialty!


Custom bag and customer service feedback!

I am delighted to share with you an awesome photograph of one of my customers, and her kind words about the bag I made for her.

"Dear Karen,

Well, it's been six months so I guess I'm recovered from my vacation! Truly sorry about how long this review took. What prompted me was that an administrative assistant at my doctor's office asked me "Where did you get that great bag?" and then asked me to email her your info. (Which I did before sending this!)

Below is a picture of me and Big John, one of the trail horses I ride, and my lovely new bag. While I treasure the bag for its beauty, quality and serious bang-for-your-buck, the experience working with you was equally delightful. You turned the process of getting a custom bag into a collaborative creative adventure. I'd say "Could the bag have interior pockets?" You'd say "Sure! how big?" I'd say, "Could it be similar to a bag I already have?" You'd say, "Sure! Just send me pictures of your old bag with measurements." I am now forever spoiled by your "Sure!"

Thank you so very much for such a delightful bag.


Laura "


Happy New Year and many thanks!

I am officially back to work today, after a wonderful, and lengthy, break for Christmas and New Years.
2011 proved to be my best year yet. Thanks to all my fantastic customers. Many are new, and are taking a chance on buying from some woman in Colorado who makes nice bags, LOL! But to those who return to buy over and over again through the years I have sold my bags on line, it's because of you that I am successful. Your trust in me mean so much. I am humbled by the kind comments I receive, not only about the quality of my products, but the customer service I provide as well. Those comments, and the photographs you send, help new customers feel comfortable buying my bags, and asking for a custom order. I can't tell you how many people comment on how helpful the photographs are, as they try to decide which bag to order.
So thanks to you all, and here's to an amazing 2012 for all of us!