Gifts for otter lovers, otter knitting bags, otter make up bags, otter coin purses

Who doesn't love adorable otters? I found this duo of matching fabrics featuring an otter pond and had to get them. I also had a small piece of another otter fabric and thought I'd  offer a variety of bags using all three.

There is an Otter Pond Kipster knitting bag, an Otter Pond Otters Suebee drawstring bag and a Scooter zippered accessory bag, and an Otters coin purse. They are all sweet and ready for otter lovers to claim them for themselves.

Otter Pond Kipster knitting bag with pockets

Otter Pond Otters Suebee drawstring knitting or game tile bag

Otter Pond Otters Scooter zippered bag 

Otter coin purse


Aliens and UFO's Tote Bag

How could I resist these fabrics featuring big eyed aliens and the UFO's that transport them? The colors are great too.

The Fleur tote is a simple bag with long handles that can be used for many things. You can carry your towels to the beach, bring toys to grandma's house, tote your knitting around town, or pick up groceries. You will find its uses are endless. Find the Alien Eyes Fleur Tote in the shop here.

I made this tote with the aliens on one side and the UFO's on the other. You are welcome to ask for a custom order using only your favorite fabric on both sides, of course!
Alien Eyes Tote Bag

UFO's Tote Bag

UFO's tote bag


Unusual and unique knitting bags with pockets, flying cranes, cute cats, batik or spooky.

If you're looking for a medium sized knitting or crochet project bag with lots of pockets for organizing your notions and supplies, the large Kipster might be just what you seek. It holds knitting needles up to 10" long. With various pockets on the inside and outside, you can even carry a wallet and keys along with your knitting supplies.

I like to make limited quantities of most of my bags, so you will find that in some cases you might be the only person on the planet with one of these bags. They make great gifts from the knitter in your life too. Don't see quite the fabric you like? Ask for a custom order I have many fabrics from which to choose.

Cranes in Flight on red Kipster knitting project bag

All Aflutter purple batik Kipster knitting project bag

Gypsy Cats Kipster knitting project bag 

Spooky Lace Kipster knitting project bag
This Spooky Lace fabric is cotton with the lace pattern printed on to it. It's not a lace fabric.