Purple batik tie die peace sign Messenger Bag -Zelda

Always a popular fabric, but long out of print. I discovered a small piece in my stash and knew I had to make another messenger bag. Find it in my shop here:
Purple Batik Tie Dye Peace Sign Zelda Messenger Bag

If you are looking for peace messenger bags, or padded laptop cases, you've come to the right place. I have a great selection of peace sign fabrics from which to choose. Please contact me to place your custom order. Peruse the styles in my shop and hit the "contact" link at the top of every page!


Simple Fleur Tote

A return customer was looking for something simple to carry various items to work with her. The dimensions she gave fit the medium Fleur tote perfectly.
Great for a shopping tote- bring your own bag- toss it in the trunk and pull out as needed!


Love and Peace Sign Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

Peace and Love Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

Really wonderful fabric, that seemed as if it was made for my bags!
You can find this bag in my shop here:
Peace and Love Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

If you want it in a larger size just let me know. As long as I have this print I'm happy to do that for you


Ecological Messenger Bag-Save the Planet

Save the Planet Zelda Messenger Bag

Save the Planet Zelda Messenger Bag

Save the Planet Zelda Messenger Bag

I found this fabric in an on line auction and was thrilled to get it. It's a home decor weight print, that I believe is from the 60's. The messages and motifs seem to be right out of that time. It would be a great bag for an ecologist or environmentalist
Find it in the shop here


Janet and her custom Honeysuckle

I worked closely with Janet to create her dream bag. There were a lot of features she wanted so that her bag would be super organized. I added a zippered divider inside, lots of extra pockets, pockets on the outer sides and a back zippered pocket. She likes to carry her bag on her arm, so I made the handles nice and short for that purpose.

She loves it and sent me a photograph to prove it!


Unhappy Hour Custom Britta Tote

As regular readers know, I started selling on line on eBay. Some of my best customers found me there. Although I closed my eBay store over a year ago, I still have a profile there that allows past customers to find my new shop. I am always so gratified that people will take the time to track me down!

This customer, in Germany, did just that. She bought a couple of things from me over the years. When she came to the new shop she saw this Unhappy Hour print and wanted it on a Britta Tote. I love working with this fabric , it's such a fun motif, and really works well on some of my bags

Here's what she said :

Hi Zoe,

The Unhappy Hour Bag came today and I really like it.
It is very well finished- with unbelievable lots of zippers. You are really the zipper-queen of USA.
I hope you have good success in the future , as you deserve it....
I shall keep a eye on your products and my wish for a new bag style would be a funky backpack one day.
Thanks and up to soon...

Flappers Morphin Lynx Deluxe, Mistee iPhone purse and kind words!

♥!!! I don't know how I've gone this long without these bags. Sizes are perfect! I've NEVER been one to carry a big bag, but now that I have this Lynx, I am reformed. I have three young sons, so this bag is filled with all kinds of cool stuff for all of us daily, no matter where we go... books, magazines, snacks, my embroidery supplies, laptop... (I work online), water, matchbox cars, hand wipes, my MISTEE, everything! Really, I don't know how I've been walking around with tiny bags all this time. Bonus: I love this print so much. The colors are so pretty in person. I'm already looking forward to shopping for fall versions of these items. Thank you!


Butterfly Otter Hipster Bag-custom made

A custom ordered Otter Hipster Bag. This print, which consists of "framed" butterfly motifs, is perfect for the Otter. Another example of a customer seeing the possibility in a print I have.


Doc's friends and their custom made wallets on strings. Bingo and Shamrocks

Here's a great picture of two recipients of wallets on strings, given to them by one of my regular customers, Doc.


Scottish Honeysuckle Tote-custom order

This customer wanted to give a gift to a close friend who is from Scotland. I found this beautiful fabric covered with iconic Scottish images. It was perfect. She had me make a matching coin purse too. Isn't it great?


Unique Passport Pouches-The Traveler,fairies, bats, skulls, Day of the Dead, batik, Japanese,dragonflies, flowers, peace sign

With the summer travel season just around the corner I thought it was time to add some new Travelers to my inventory.
I tried to do a nice eclectic mix, so there would be something for every taste

Two inside pockets, and the zippered pocket on the back allow plenty of room for carrying important documents. There is a cord lock on the string so you can change the length.
You can find them in the shop here:
Passport Pouch


Hot pink Peace Sign Messenger Bag

Hot Pink Peace Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

I thought this print was unusual. Not just peace, but other words of wisdom too!

Find it in my shop here:

Hot Pink Peace Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

See all the peace sign fabric options and bags here:

Love Hearts and Peace