Fabric Frenzyites Rejoice!~~

To all of you who are participating in the first Fabric Frenzy Shopping Spree, the fabrics arrived today!

They are fantastic!!! I ordered a few extras so we will have a lot of new additions to the selections over the next few weeks.
If you placed an order for a bag you will be hearing from me in the next few days about the status of your order. If you didn't participate, there will be another shopping spree in the near future so stay tuned.
I am scouting out the next location. If you have requests for the type of fabrics you'd like to see in the next spree let me know, please! service@zoesbagboutique.com



Panther Deluxe with some special features

I worked with a customer to create this great bag. She has a 15" laptop and wanted a padded compartment in the messenger. Due to this order I finally have a design that enables me to add padding to the back of the bag and the laptop sleeve. Instead of ordering a Grab and Go Laptop Case, if not needed, (and only available for the Panther) you may order a padded sleeve for any of my messenger bags.

She added a padded shoulder strap as well. The fabric, the Echino leopard, is beautiful, as always.

I gave her a finish date and moved on to other projects. I was contacted by her husband who told me he wanted to pay, secretly, for her bag, as a gift for their Wedding Anniversary that was on Valentine's Day.
Always happy to jump in to help surprise a customer, I devised a plan. I would fast track the bag and list it in my shop as an order for her husband.
We had it all planned out, while she was out at an appointment, I had the bag listed, he swooped in and bought it, I shipped it to him and he was able to give it to her on the big day!
He was pleased. And she?
Here's what she said in an e-mail

"Dear Karen,
I just wanted to tell you how much I ADORE my new bag! It's gorgeous! It's the perfect size, too! I've been using it all of this week, and it's just the dandiest thing. :) Experiences like this just make me love Etsy so much, and I am so grateful for your really friendly and professional dealings. Nick gave it to me over the weekend, and I was so confused when I opened the present at first--it took several seconds for me to figure out what he'd done. He's so sneaky! ;) Anyhow, the bag is such great quality and it really is a stunner. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

You rock!
-Rhianna "

Can't ask for more than that!


A new fabric feature to Zoe's Bag Boutique

I've just finished work on a new section of my shop that categorizes the fabric options. The top section is named new fabrics, which will allow regulars shoppers quick access to the newest additions.
I will also be adding sections for each product as time permits.
I hope this will make it easier to find what you are looking for, and also, to see something new.
Take a look around!
Karen 2/20/09


Pinkie Lee Sniffington late night awakenings

Our beloved chocolate lab will be 13 in April. She's a wonderful dog but showing the signs of old age. Last night, about midnight, I heard her walking around. The tick tick tick of her nails on the kitchen floor. A toy in her mouth. She needed to go outside. Then again an hour later, and so on. The last time she grabbed her gorilla toy- it screeches when squeezed- and came into the bedroom with it on full blast. I couldn't stop laughing. She sure knows how to get attention!
So a slow start for me this morning, I couldn't face the usual 4.40 alarm and turned over to get more sleep. Thought I'd share this photograph, and the story with you. I know how many of you are animal lovers .


Colorado Blue Skies and Lace Curtains

Ok who let the delivery guys from Cobwebs and Mounds of Dust Corporation into the house?
I sure didn't order the quantities I found this morning when I decided to start some spring cleaning!

Luckily our sunny February day in Colorado made it easy to wash some lace curtains and hang them out to dry

Colorado blue skies are worth sharing. Hope your Sunday skies are as stunning!


Valentine's Weekend Special in my shop!

What the heck, I didn't plan ahead but decided to do this anyway! This weekend, if you buy anything in my store, stock items only, you will receive 10% off the cost. Use the coupon code: heart during checkout and click the recalculate button.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Chocolate, I LOVE chocolate!!


Hot New IKEA fabric just in-Featured Fabric of the Week

This is really quite a beautiful print from IKEA of Sweden. Large scale, it will work well for many Zoe bags!
Picture it as flaps for all size messengers, Morphin or not. I think it could be quite a striking Tallullah as well. It's a cotton canvas, heavier weight than many of my fabrics, with many different scenes from which to select to create your dream bag.


or these?

How about these??

I couldn't pick just 5 and that's all I can add to each blog post!

Last Call for the First Fabric Frenzy Shopping Spree

I will be placing the order on Feb 15th! I'm pleased to see people are excited about this new feature and have placed their orders. If you are planning to participate, now is the time.
See all the details here

Not sure?
Here's a few prints I am drooling over, do they tempt you??


More removable flaps for the Zelda Messenger Bags

The rest of the prints I spoke about yesterday. These are mockups for Zelda and Zelda Deluxe flaps but the fabric is available to make any of my bags! 2/9/09


New fabrics

Well I had no intention of buying any new fabrics yesterday, but, there they were, and I couldn't walk away!

Shown in the pictures as mockups for flaps, they can, of course, be used for other bags.

As Zeldina flaps
Indian madras ikats in two colorways
A pink skull and crossbones print with hearts taking the place of the skulls, and a layer of glitter over the whole print
Girly skulls wearing bows and smiling sweetly! This too is overlaid with dots of glitter. One of my customers once told me she was shopping for a friend who described herself as a "perky Goth" This could be the perfect fabric for that person!


Zeldina Bascha Alexander Henry

Fabrics from Alexander Henry are always popular. Here's why, this print is alive. So many colors and shapes, and oh so retro. It made a perfect flap for this Zeldina!


Springtime bags, Flamingos and Ladybugs

A custom order for one of my regulars!
She sent me the fabrics and trims wanting two bags in the flamingo print. See how different they look even though they are the exact same pattern?
It's funny how each person works out their own style as they buy more of my bags. Certain things they like are in each order. The length of the straps perhaps, or a zippered pocket on the back. This customer likes her pocket to be short so it's perfect for storing her phone and keys, making it easy to access without having to open the bag itself. I am really liking the idea and think I will have to add a version to my line in the near future! Could be perfect for carrying an i-phone, for instance