Big changes to the blog!

Earlier this year I did a major redesign on my website. Now it's time to do the same for this blog! I have launched a new blog that will be on a different blogging platform, Wordpress rather than Blogger. 

This change gives me a new look for the blog which will match the new look for the shop. It also gives me some great features for sharing photographs of you and your bags. It integrates the photo gallery I have had for years, right into the blog.

It's a great new look and I plan on blogging more often. To those of you who have followed this blog via email or other feeds over the years, thank you. Please join me on the new blog here. If you are subscribed via email I will move that subscription to the new blog so you will still get notifications. You can unsubscribe if you wish, though I hope you will stay. You can also sign up for an RSS feed of the new blog.

I created this blog in 2007. Wow time flies. It's time for an update to move it into the world of 2019. This blog will still be on line, but the place to read new posts is here.

Thanks for all your support, see you Behind the Seams!