The Ghastlies in three colors and some custom examples!


This is such a wonderful new print that is proving to be quite popular. I have it in three colorways, ash gray, mauve and green. While it works well for Halloween, it can be used year round. If you like quirky, this is for you! 
It's a large scale print, seen here as a custom Morphin Panther Deluxe and a custom large Tallullah. I am happy to work with you to create your custom bag using any of the colors


Hearses Fabric in three colors, it's so popular!

This has been the hot fabric for the last month or so. No wonder! It's a great print, suitable for year round for many of you, but also great for Halloween. I've been making purses, Morphin flaps, Sweet Pea Mini Wallets, Wallets on Strings, and Mistee wristlets in all the different colorways.

 I call them pink hearses, hearses on black and hearses on white

If you are looking for something made with them, just search my shop for hearse and products will pop up for you. Still don't see the right thing? I'm delighted to make the perfect hearse bag for you!


Bulldogs on bikes custom order

This was a custom order for someone who loves bulldogs, Harleys, and red. The customer found the perfect fabric to use for this gift to her sister. We began with the wallet on a string. She asked if I could do something tote like with the remaining fabric. There was just enough for the front on a medium Fleur tote, so I make the back in red, and the sides and bottom in black. It turned out really well, don't you think?


Gothic Cameo Bebe Clutch Wristlet


Absolutely fantastic fabric. I was so taken with it the minute I saw it. This is quite rare and hard to get so I am very pleased to have some to share with you. It is perfect for a Bebe wristlet, and what better evening bag could you have than this one? 
Find it in the shop here


Movie Monster Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag

A Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag in a very popular print, Movie Monsters. This fabric has been tough to find for years. I lucked into some and am thrilled to be able to offer it for my bags.
I have made a few custom bags in the past, the Tallullah and Tootsie, and it works really well for those styles. But, as you can see it's great on the messengers too. I will be able to do most styles using it, so feel free to contact me and order the one you love the most!

Find this Zeldina in the shop by clicking here


Kate's Bags-Custom order Hearses Tootsie Purses and more

Kate is another long time customer. She found me on eBay years ago and has continued to come back for a very specific style bag. She gets the Tootsie, but with shorter straps, and, what I think of as the "Kate Pocket" on the back. See how short it is? She likes to use it for her cell phone and other small items, making them easy to find and close at hand.
She loves a certain style print as well, and the hearses were right up her alley! She added a matching Sweet Pea for each colorway. Plus I showed her a new print, Gothic Cameos, that she loved, and she added two Bebe's to the order. I'll share the Gothic Cameos with you  in my next blog post. It is fantastic!


Noble Ladies Panther Messenger Bag-Custom Order

One of my regular customers bought this laptop bag, one of my all time favorite pieces. She came back a while later, looking for a messenger bag, hoping I had something to go with it. In fact I did. I had this amazing, noble ladies print. Perfection!



Echino Helicopter Falcon Mini Messenger Bag

 The Echino line of fabrics are always popular. A Japanese import, made from a cotton/linen blend, they are beautiful, and always unusual. This print is a case in point. The stripes are a part of the fabric, I did not piece together anything! It provided me with some perfect sections to create this Falcon Mini Messenger Bag, one of my more popular styles.

Find it in the shop here


Custom Peace Sign Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

I made this bag as a custom order. The owner was kind enough to let me know her thoughts about the bag

"Hello Karen,
I got my bag!  It is WONDERFUL!!!!  It is perfect for just about anything I need to use it for!
I really appreciated the help that you gave me for personalizing my bag (since it was my first time too!).
I will definitely recommend you to many others!

I will be visiting again! Thanks!:-)




Back to school drawstring bags and their owners! Great pic :-)

Cédric,  Émeric, Déric and Patric with their custom made drawstring bags! What a fantastic "waiting for the school bus" photograph, from their mom Paty!