Toni and her Ghastlies Large Tallullah




The Ghaslies print caught Toni's eye and she asked me how it would work on a purse. It is fantastic on the large Tallullah as you can see here. Thanks to Toni for sending along this great photograph of herself with her new bag too

Here's what she said
"All I can say is I love it, love it, love it!!!!!!  I have received so many compliments on it.  I think the bag is great and I love the fabric print.  Thank you so much!

Toni " 10/25/10


Custom order Asian Cranes Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

I made this over the summer, as a custom order. Spectacular fabric, that worked so well on the bag. The customer had me upgrade the lining, add a carry handle and a removable padded shoulder strap too.  This is what is so great about custom orders. You don't have to settle for almost the right bag!


Sheila and the Three Amigos


Say hello to Sheila and The Three Amigos, from the left  Sable, Nicky, and Wrigley.
Sheila is sporting her brand new Morphin Falcon with a Day of the Dead, dancing skeletons, flap!


Three boys and their Morphin Zeldinas!

 Nicholas, Nathan and Daniel with their Morphin Zeldinas. Aren't they adorable? They each picked out their own flaps.


Japanese Koi in Waterfall Tilly Shoulder Bag, Diaper Bag or Project Bag

One of a kind, spectacular bag. I am so pleased when my "vision" for a fabric turns out so well. When I order fabrics it's not always easy to determine the scale of the print, and I never really know, on a print like this one, how the motif will work on my bags. I thought this would be good for a Britta but, instead, it works much better on the Tilly.    Sometimes I have to set this type of print aside until I am compelled to use it, because I keep seeing it and "just can't wait any longer"
You can find this bag in my shop by clicking here


Jeannie and her Morphin Lynx Deluxe with a spider flap


Jeannie recently bought this Morphin Lynx Deluxe. This was a new flap she got for Halloween. See how much fun it is to be able to change the look of your bag so quickly?


Goku and Nami

One of my regular customers, Adriana, sent along this great photograph of her dogs, Goku and Nami. Aren't they great?


Sock Monkey iPad case, or order a custom iPad case if you prefer!

 Pick Your Sock Monkey Padded Zippered Bag for iPad and larger netbooks, The Boc

I now have a simple padded case that holds the iPad. Called the Boc,(Old English for book)  it can be found in my shop by clicking here.
This is designed to hold the larger sized netbooks and the iPad. I call it a no frills case since it really doesn't have any. It's just nicely padded, has a zipper closure, and your choice of over 500 fabrics, should you want to place a custom order!

Sized for netbooks, and the iPad, up to 

26.162 cm

17.78 cm


Since sock monkeys are always a popular theme I have added a Boc to the shop allowing you to select from 5 different prints.

I will be making a few more, for inventory, over the next few weeks, in other prints. But as you regular shoppers know, dropping me a line and asking for x bag in y fabric works just great!


Roller derby girls available for new bags


One of my most popular fabrics has been roller derby girls. I had a fantastic print that is now gone, but I found this rare beauty, retro roller derby girls, recently. Very different, but still awesome. Please contact me if you want to custom order a bag !


Some new fabrics for your custom made bag!

I seem to continually be adding new fabrics to my offerings. Some I hold back to make specific bags of my own liking. Some I hang onto, knowing that certain customers will come looking and I can show them prints that they will like.
Over time I add the new prints to the shop in the form of Morphin flaps, and to the fabric photo gallery as options for what ever dream bag you are seeking.
There are many in the fabric gallery right now. I also did a huge photo shoot this weekend and have added a lot of the new prints to the photo gallery. I will be adding more over the next few weeks, and also adding new flaps to the shop in large batches
Here are just a few of the most recent

 Giraffe Garden

Blue Ribbon Horses

 Koi on black

Sensu Calligraphy

Black and White Delight

Thin Blue Stripe


Zebra faux fur 

Flaming Guitars 
Night and Day 2


Asian Tigers Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag


This is one of my all time favorite bags. If I was going to keep one for myself this could be it. There is so much motion in the fabric! Find it in my shop here


Biker Skeletons in Flames Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag


I am so pleased with this bag. The motifs fit perfectly on the pockets. It's very unusual, and will certainly garner you attention! Find it in the shop here