An interview about Zoe's Bag Boutique

I'm pleased to share with you an interview by Bambi Weavil. She interviewed me about Zoe's Bag Boutique, for the arts section at Outimpact.com

Thanks Bambi!


A reversible Honeysuckle featuring owls

Another wonderful bag for one of my repeat customers. If you are a regular visitor to my blog you will recognize the theme of owls. My owl collecting customer, in Germany, who I am proud to also call a friend, requested this bag. We began the design with a Honeysuckle Tote. Added a different owl print on each side, a zippered pocket on the back, a Zoe Pocket Set inside and an adjustable shoulder strap.
The result was pretty special. Britta reports even the man at the customs office in Berlin was impressed! Can't beat that!

Names changes from Large Zelda to Panther

As I work on setting up my shop I am making a few changes. I have long thought that there are just too many Zeldas! So the large Zelda and large Zelda Deluxe have disappeared. In their place, the same bags but now called the Panther and Panther Deluxe. I hope this makes it easier to distinguish between the styles.


Yes I'm Still Here!

And hard at work.
However, many of the bags I make at this time of year are for gifts. The last thing I want is to have the giftee stumble upon pictures of their gift. Highly unlikely, I know, but I don't want to take the chance. :-)

I am also working hard on my new on line store! Yes it's true, hopefully, in January , when you click on the shop link on my blog, and my home page, it will take you to a real store.
I'm very excited, since it will allow me to offer gift certificates, a gift registry and coupon codes among other things.

I will use my newsletter to inform customers of new products, and discounts etc. So if you aren't signed up yet, I invite you to do so. There's a box on the right side of this blog, as well as my home page.

Speaking of my home page, it has a great new look, I had some professional photographs taken by Desiree Hayes and they look great! Her work is gorgeous.

I also have a gallery section that I can use to create albums of photographs. This is where I will be featuring pictures of you and/or your bags! So please, continue to send those along. I love to see you with your bags!

One of the galleries is called "Your Pets" Many of my regular customers are animal lovers. During the process of working on custom orders they will often mention their animals and send me pictures. I will be including them in this section.

I'll announce the grand opening of the store right here on the blog, so stay tuned!

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!


Linda, Nicole and their bags!

I'm happy to share this photograph of two of my regular customers! Nicole, on the left has a medium Honeysuckle tote with an adjustable shoulder strap. Linda is carrying a Zelda Deluxe.
Both bags are made with Asian prints, their favorite motifs.