A new Selection of Zeldinas-Mini Messenger Bags

I tend to have a lot of products "in motion" I decided I should finish up this run of Zeldinas so I could get going on some messenger bags.
I thought this selection was perfect for the time of year, they make me happy just looking at them. You can find some of them in my Etsy shop and some in my eBay store. As always you can buy direct as well. Contact me at service@zoesbagboutique.com


Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag - Bold Japanese Styling Black and White

I am really taken with this fabric! The Japanese styling in the print puts it a cut above many black and white prints available right now.
I only have one of these bags, so it's a true one of a kind. You can contact me to buy direct at service@zoesbagboutique.com or find it here.


New Echino Fabrics

As promised the first print in two colorways, this will be stunning on a Zelda, Zeldina , Tallullah, and even a wallet on a string.


An incredibly beautiful bag !

This is a custom order Tallullah. My customer fell in love with the fabric after seeing it on my Flickr site. She though a Tallullah was the perfect way to showcase it. She was so right! It's sort of a velvety fabric, but very soft and smooth, and what a shine it has.
She gave me permission to use her comments here...

"Hi Karen,
I just had to rave about the bag -- it is absolutely gorgeous, and worth every cent! I love all of the pockets on the inside. My first day with it I had an unfortunate soda spill -- and thanks to the nylon lining, no harm done! Overall the bag is incredibly sturdy, AND it fits my sheet music perfectly. And yes, the fabric really is something. Thanks so much for your time and effort in this project. "


Yoga Messenger Bag and matching Sweet Pea Mini Wallet

This is a custom order, with the customer providing a fabric she was in love with. A beautiful Japanese fabric line called Echino by Etsuko Furuya.

The design was to enable my customer to carry a yoga mat attached to the bag. We put a simple zippered pocket inside the bag and an open pocket on one end for carrying a water bottle. I tried a variety of methods in an attempt to allow the front straps to be lengthened in order to carry the mat and them shortened so the bag could be used daily. I didn't want long straps of webbing hanging down from the bottom. I finally came up with an idea that suited us both.
I made "extenders" that can be used when carrying the mat. They clip into the existing buckles on the flap and have a tri-glide adjustment so the web can be longer or shorter. When not needed they can be stored with the mat or inside the bag.

While I was working on the design my customer thought she might like a small clutch/wallet to match. I showed her the Sweet Pea Mini Wallet and , with the addition of a small strap , it was perfect.
What a beautiful set this turned out to be. So great, in fact, that I ordered some echino fabric myself. Can't wait to share it with you!


A few more custom padded bags

Upon receipt of her first order, this customer came back for a few more. The Bunnies in Moonlight print is a Japanese import. I ordered it directly from a Japanese company. I had a great experience with them and my customers are loving the prints. In fact I placed another order today because of the demand.
The Golden Cranes is one of the most beautiful prints I've seen and the reverse side of the bag features a different section of the same fabric. Stunning!


Zoe's Bag Boutique and Orphic Skull

I am having a great time working with a new customer.
I was approached by American Artist A.B. Ferris, the owner of Orphic Skull, a business that focuses on, you guessed it, skulls.
I make my Raven coin pouches and Scooter Zip bags and she adds the most amazing beaded details.
The bags are selling like hot cakes, right out of her Zelda skull Messenger Bag, no wonder, they look great.
If you're a fan of skulls check out her site, I've never seen anything like it!

Penguin Zelda Messenger Bag

Another custom order from one of my regulars!


The Amelia Passport Pouch-Bulldog

This was a custom request that turned out so cute. Sometimes the product and the print are a perfect fit.


Amy Butler Midwest Modern Poppies Zeldina-Mini Messenger Bag

Amy Butler's fabric lines are very popular. I thought I'd bring in a couple of her prints to see how they work with my bags. This print looks great with the brown sides and bottom. Nice combo.
You can find it here

Or you can contact me directly @ zoesbagboutique@earthlink.net