Great feedback on the Kipster, Knitting Project Bag

sock knitting project bag

Customer comments after buying this Kipster knitting project bag:
"best bag ever!!!! love this - your design is brilliant, your attention to detail is superlative, and I am one happy camper!!"

 What a great way to start the week!
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An alternative to my wallet on a string, in gorgoeus faux fur, plus awesome feedback from a customer

This customer had a wallet on a string, loved the size and features but wondered if it could be made so she can "drop" her phone, etc. inside. I suggested I put a string on a Morning Glory Clutch. She ordered two, in faux fur, right away, and found a faux fur Tallullah purse she had to have. Her comments :

Hi Karen:

I got my bags! I have already transferred everything over to my new purple leopard Morning Glory bag. It's perfect!!!

You were soo right about the mink and patchwork faux furs. Patchwork is like petting a rabbit's fur. And the mink, that's like touching nothing at all and it's soo shiny! Absolutely gorgeous! I am so thrilled to be the owner of these bags.

The ones I am not currently using at the moment are safely tucked away in their own cloth-lined drawer to make sure they do not get messed up. Definitely not throw-in-closet bags.

I'll send pics later of them. I'm going to play around with how I want things organized in them and the different ways to wear them. LOL I cannot wait to show them off in public (hmm, do I need anything from Walmart today?)

Thank you. You are such a blessing to work with, a pleasure to talk with, and a true talent.



Redesign of the Jasmine Clutch/ Wristlet

I have always liked the design of this clutch, The Jasmine. Outside zip pocket, inside zip pocket and I find the shape appealing.


The change I made was to remove the sewn in wristlet strap. Now I use  a d-ring on the side so that you can use it as a clutch, or, with the addition of my ever popular Strappy removable wristlet strap, you can make it into a wristlet. It now mirrors my Sweet Pea, Morning Glory Clutch, Mistee, and the padded cases for e-Readers. You need only buy one Strappy, and it will work on all these products!

It's perfect for going out for the evening, or a special event, like a wedding, prom or garden party! Some women don't like carrying a large bags, so this is perfect for them. Plenty of space for a phone, money, i.d. etc. Plus it's a beautiful gift.


Art Nouveau Flowers Mini Messenger Bag

This print caught my eye. I loved it, but didn't buy it. Well I have so many fabrics already don't I? :-) But I ran into it again, and I couldn't resist. It turns out that is works beautifully on this Falcon Mini Messenger Bag, but would also work well on a larger size bag too. It's really gorgeous, another one of my bags that tempts me to keep it for myself.
So please click here to go to the store and take it away from me   LOL!


A happy customer and her wallet on a string


Kim tells me she gets lots of compliments on her custom made Guatemalan ikat wallet on a string. I think I should get some made and into the shop. The bright colors of the ikats are perfect for summer! Thanks for sharing, Kim


2 new Fox Shoulder Bags in beautiful Japanese prints

Continuing with my New Year's resolution to add more inventory to the shop, here are 2 new Fox Shoulder Bags. A great size for everyday use and a perfect gift too.The fabrics are stunning don't you think?
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