Billabong colorful Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag

I have a few new Zeldina's in motion.Here's one, the fabric, called Billabong. It is so colorful, it almost looks like it is moving. I didn't want to use it just on the flap so I decided to put it on the sides and bottom. I've never done a bag this way before but I achieved the effect I was going for. Lots of color and motion, but not too busy!
I love this bag!
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Disco Witch Halloween Pearl Purse

This is another example of the fabric driving the design of one of my bags. I loved a Halloween fabric featuring a "vintage look" pin up witch on the moon, but didn't know how to use her on a bag. So I designed a bag around the shape of the moon.
I liked it so much that I started making it in other fabrics.
I will be adding some lower cost Halloween purses to my shop over the next few weeks. This is the first one.
Great fabric, pretty unusual! I doubt you will see anyone else with this bag when you go to your Halloween Party.
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Bright and Cheerful Custom Order Falcon MIni Messenger Bag

This customer wanted something bright! She had this print sent to me and we made a wonderful Falcon with it. I thought it would be fun to "wrap" the print around the bag. Her thoughts after receiving the bag......

"The bag was a custom and I absolutely am in love with it. It's so perfect for my needs and I let Karen place the fabric as she saw fit to surprise me and I have no words to describe how beautiful her work(wo)manship is! Flawless sewing so much better than store bought! I highly recommend her for all your bag needs, she is the one! I will shop at her store again whenever I need a new bag, thank you for a pleasant and wonderful experience :)"
She told me that her current bag was on its last legs, so I started work on her bag before the "featured fabric" arrived. I sent her this photograph!


An interesting Messenger Bag/ Honeysuckle Tote Combo

This customer was looking for the "perfect travel bag". She had in mind the Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag, but with a zipper. I told her I couldn't put a zipper in that style, but, since the small Honeysuckle Tote was about the same size maybe I could put a flap on it. We added to the depth slightly so I could put side pockets a la the Falcon.
She also added a back zippered pocket and, instead of the Zoe Pocket Set inside, we did three open slip pockets. Oh one more thing, she had me put a strip of the flower print along the top of the back pocket too.
It turned out really cute.
What did she say?

"Hey Karen~

I just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived last Thursday and I have been using it ever since. I love it! It is indeed the "perfect" bag for my trip!

I tested all the seams and the pockets and zippers and so on... and I must say the quality is impeccable. My friends/family usually hate shopping with me because no matter what the item, I always spend alot of time picking the "perfect" one of something... no matter what that item is. I can truly see that you take pride in your work and I wanted you to know (from someone that is truly picky about stuff) that it shows. =)

Thanks again for taking the time to incorporate everything from my "wish list" and making my bag just right. I will definitely recommend your site to anyone looking for a bag with a more personal touch.

Have a great day!

=) Lindy"



Glor-ious Customer Review of the Morphin Lynx Deluxe

As mentioned in a previous post, two requests for a bag sized in between the Zeldas and the Panthers led to the creation of the Lynx/Lynx Deluxe and the Morphin version of them.
One of those customers, Glor, sent me the most comprehensive and incredible review after receiving her bag. We customized her bag by using side release buckles in place of my standard clips, on the flap
Hi Karen!!!

I GOT MY BAG TODAY. As I promised, here is a review for you:

I am a college student who needed an amazing bag that would make the transition between time in the classroom, on vacation and one that would look professional on the wards, as well. I have tried many bags - including Timbuk2's, Buxton, High Sierra and Lug - but none of these bags were roomy or sturdy enough for my wear-and-tear. I first learned of Zoe's Bags from Etsy and ordered one with a "morphing" flap ...

Creation Process
CEOs from Fortune 500 companies should learn how to properly give customer service based on Karen's example -- she is extremely friendly, professional and willing to work with my vision and needs. I wanted a bag in a particular size -- and I was able to get one even before it was offered in the Etsy shop!! She offered many options in size of bag and wonderful fabrics for perfect customization. Karen's attention to detail is impeccable - she even sent me versions of her bag flap with different placements!!! Karen frequently corresponded with me daily throughout the design and creation process, making absolutely sure I was completely satisfied with this product in every aspect.

First Impression
My bag arrived promptly and was extremely well packaged. On first inspection, I was totally convinced that this bag was purchased from a high-end luggage retailer -- the seams, stitching, and assembly are in one word: perfect. The hardware, materials are high quality, and extremely sturdy. It looks amazing half-filled or all-filed, unlike my old Timbuk2. Unlike most of my other bags, it looks absolutely amazing -- the fabric placement was EXACTLY as promised, and with the "morphing" feature, I can switch it up any time I'd like to! The velcro-attached flap is excellent and does not catch on anything in my bag, as it is aligned with great precision. The internal organizer is brilliant -- there is TONS of room for all my stuff! I am most impressed with the keyfob inside -- unlike most flimsy keyfobs that look ready to break, I feel like I can hang off a bridge with this one and it would support my weight -- not to say I'm going to try this anytime soon :)

Stuff Test!
This bag holds all of my daily stuff: 13.3" Laptop + Cables + Agenda + 2 thick textbooks, hardcover + waterbottle + white coat + stethoscope + hoodie + pashima + two moleskines + cell phone + iPod Touch + various doctor equipment (stuck in the organizer pockets) + lunch + pencil case + ... oh wait, there's still room and I'm out of stuff to stuff in it!!! The weight is amazingly distributed and this bag keeps its shape even though it's only about 60% filled!!! Amazing!

Public Transit Test!!!
I took my bag on the uber test -- can it withstand public transit for 2hrs? Three busses, trip to the public library and a bit of a walk later -- this bag's strap does not dig into my shoulder, unlike my Lug. It also does not slip around like my Timbuk2. It's size is wonderful to keep on my lap on the bus, and many people loved it!! It looked amazing and was attention-grabbing in the right way without being a screaming loud bright green fuzzy bag :) It's adorable and I love it's cuteness!!!! I even dropped by the grocery store and picked up a few things which fit inside beautifully -- no big bulge, the bag just went *gulp* and it disappeared inside!

Bottom Line
This is easily one of the best bags I have ever owned -- the service at Zoe's Bag is highly personalized, friendly, prompt and the only thing better is the quality of their merchandise.

:) Thanks tons Karen!!! You really outdid yourself!!! I love it!!!!


Contemporary Mandalas Custom Order Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

Great fabric, perfect for this custom order. Zelda Deluxe with a matching Sweet Pea Mini Wallet and removable wristlet Strap...."The Strappy".


Thinking about a Halloween Purse? How about Witches Undies?

Ok this fabric is hilarious! You will smile every time you look at it, and so will everyone who sees it. Look at the bra! Come on, this is perfect for a Morphin flap. Or even a zip bag will allow you to have some around when you need a giggle! Let me know what you want and it shall be yours :-)

Mod Peace Sign Messenger Bag in pink and purple

This print is very popular right now. I am making custom ordered peace sign bags just about everyday. No wonder, it's pretty great. Here it is as a Zelda Deluxe in pink and purple!


Couple of Plaids available for your dream bags!

I know plaid is going to be popular this fall. So I thought I'd pick up some of the red to see what happens. Then I found the patchwork fabric locally. It's really unusual, all different plaids, nicely patched together. I am guessing this is an Indian import. Nice weight too. Could be a cool Zeldina Mini Messenger, or a great Morphin flap.


Britta Shopper Tote Bag with Raccoons

I made a few Britta Shopper Tote bags, for a customer, last year. She had me use two panda prints and they were gorgeous. She contacted me later and inquired about raccoon fabric. I hadn't seen any but said I would keep my eyes open. When I saw this print I knew it was a winner. It's part of a line that includes, squirrels, foxes, opossums and skunks. I dropped her an e-mail and she said oh yes, that would work!
She asked me to put a pocket on the front. If you know about my bags, you know that they are designed to really showcase the fabrics. So in order to keep to that look, I had to work on the pocket to make it "fit" into the print.
Great fabric, perfect for this style bag!


Save our Planet Messenger Bag?

I found this great fabric. Home decor weight, so heavier than my usual cottons. I think it could make an awesome messenger bag. I could use it all over the bag and feature the different scenes on the front, back and flap. Perfect for someone who cares about the environment, and about as unique as it gets! Save our wildlife, preserve our natural resources, and clean air are three of the sentiments. The colors, message, and style, scream the 1960's!
Drop me an e-mail if you want to order a bag made from this great print.


Linda's Koi Falcon Mini Messenger Bag and Sweet Pea

I'm always happy to make bags for this wonderful customer! She loves animals and Asian prints. When she contacted me to make these bags in this gorgeous fabric I knew they were a perfect match.

Her reaction?

"Hi Karen,
You are absolutely fabulous!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The placement of the goldfish is perfect, I love how they are on the sides also, the sweet pea is so adorable (which I knew it would be with your creativeness)and the placement of the fish is also great on the sweet pea. Your attention to detail is what makes you stand out from other designers. Thank you for working on it so quickly. Another beautiful set!!!! Thanks so much.



Here's Britta!

Long time readers of my blog will recall I often mention my German customer who always orders owl themed bags.
Britta, has been buying bags from me for a few years now. She found me in my first location on eBay and bought a few zip bags. Then she contacted me directly to inquire about a larger bag.

Long story short, that first contact turned into a friendship! Although she continues to order bags, we stay in touch and chat about our lives outside of those business transactions. I learn about Berlin, and the German language. She sends my husband and me delicious German candies, chocolates and cookies, as well as some amazing gifts!

Luckily she is incredibly fluent in English and I wouldn't know German was her first language without her telling me. I never expected, when I began my on line business, that I would have the opportunity to become friends with someone so far away!

She is a wonderful person and I am honored to call her my friend.

The latest bag order was not owl themed. She loves to walk on beaches and wanted to get a special bag to take with her on her trip to Denmark. She found this amazing print and had it sent to me. It worked perfectly for a Honeysuckle tote. She decided to get a Tootsie for her aunt, Uscha, who was going on the trip with her, made from the same fabric.

I was thrilled that she sent along these photographs, taken in Denmark, to share with you.
Thank you Britta!

Feedback on a Custom Order

I had a return customer ask me for a more "organized" version of a Tarquin padded case she bought for her iPod. I had just finalized the Breazy, my iPhone purse so I suggested we take that idea and convert it to work on a Tarquin.
She was so kind to provide a detailed review of the product, seen below!

Hi Karen! I received my wonderful custom-made iPod clutch late last week, but I didn't send feedback right away because I wanted to give it a thorough test drive first :-)

This padded pouch is WONDERFUL. I love the fact that it's got three sections! The interior has a large pocket with a separator down the middle, just as I asked for; so I'm reserving those two sections for my classic (6th generation) iPod and its earbuds respectively. The zip on the top is super-strong and keeps the contents safely contained. Then, the zipped pocket on the outside of the pouch is ideal for tucking away my connector cable, which I carry with me occasionally so that I can recharge my iPod while at the office.

I requested a strap for my clutch, and I'm glad I did, because it makes carrying the pouch so much easier (not to mention retrieving it from the depths of my handbag!). The strap is very sturdy and looks as though it will last for all of eternity... and I find that I keep it attached all the time, even though it's removable, just because it's so very handy.

What else? The synthetic lining material appears to be water-resistant - not that I'm going to experiment to confirm just how resistant it is, but I appreciate that it represents an extra line of defence for my precious 'Pod! The interior of the pouch is roomy enough for me to tuck away my iPod even when it's stored in its molded silicone case, which admittely does add bulk. No problem!

Finally, I'm delighted with the fabric of the pouch. Since I love Japanese designs, it was a treat to discover the blue plover-and-seawave fabric among the extensive selection on your website. The design and its colour scheme are very summery and festive, and they also work beautifully with the solid-black carrying strap. And although the pouch contains a generous amount of padding - good protection for the iPod - the overall impression is of a remarkably slim and elegant clutch.

So, I could not be happier with my new purchase. Thank you so much for the great communication, superb craftsmanship, and an overall perfect experience!

Julia 8/6/09