The remainder of the great order

While looking for fabrics for this order I came upon an incredible zebra batik. The question? Could I do something with it? You bet! I fit it to the front of the Britta Shopper and matched it with this really interesting animal print "stripe". The result? One gorgeous bag, if I may say so!
The final piece was a Zelda Messenger Bag, utilizing a green and peach floral Asian print that turned out beautifully!


Part Three of The Great Order!

The Britta Shopper Tote is featured in earlier blog posts. This customer saw those posts and said make me three of those babies please! We tracked down some gorgeous fabrics to make them. A fan of zebras and cows, we found this incredible animal print and I made sure to feature the zebra prominently. This fabric looks like a painting, the colors are outstanding.
Then ,of course, the farm animal stripes are wonderful, the cows, especially, are so well done!
The other three zip bags were a style originally requested by this great customer. Padded, to allow use for so many things, I named it for her. The Judy Padded Accessory Bag!


Part Two of "The Great Order"

These fabrics were provided as part of the "use as you see fit" request! Some of the pieces were quite small but with a large floral print which was perfect for the smaller bags. The red floral was to die for when used on The Honeysuckle tote with black sides. It really pops. Since I know this customer likes large bags, pockets and my key clip, I made sure this bag had all her favorite features! I couldn't resist making a matching Raven coin purse and Scooter Zip Bag. Striking!


What a great order this was! Part one!

One of my favorite regular customers checked out my blog a few months ago. The result? She wanted some of the Slider drawstring bags, plus a small Fleur tote and 3 Britta Shopper totes! One thing led to another and we started "looking" for fabric choices. I found some, she found some and I ended up with a whole batch of beautiful fabrics and the luxury of using them to, what I thought, was their best advantage. It's going to take a few postings to share them all but it's worth it! Here's the first batch!
A teddy bear picnic drawstring shoe bag (The Slider)
A beautiful Asian floral drawstring shoe bag(The Slider)
The small Fleur tote with this outstanding Asian Cranes in water scene.
Two Suebee Drawstring bags, one with Christmas trees and the other a pink flowery design


Custom Plaid Bag

Just finished this nice bag! A Zelda deluxe (because one can never have enough pockets!) made with plaid supplied by the customer. We worked together via e-mail to get the right layout on this baby. The side pockets are cut on the bias putting the plaid on the diagonal. One pocket will be handy for carrying an umbrella~! The flaps edges are taped to provide a break in the plaid and a solid edge to the flap.


One beautiful large Fleur tote

A customer was looking for a tote to carry her laptop. She looked at my fabric selection on Flickr and decided to go with this purple beauty. We changed the dimensions of the large Fleur tote to accommodate the laptop and wow, it looks great!


A Red Hat Society Lady's Custom Order

This customer liked one of my hats. I resized it and she was pleased. As a result she came back to my shop and we worked together to create a new Tallullah for her and a Pickford as a gift for the Queen Mother of her chapter!


A Beautiful Animal Print Custom Order

This customer is very fond of animal prints and we custom designed a variety of my products together.

A Suebee Drawstring bag made with faux tiger and a Raven coin purse made with a very unusual all over big cat print.

A Honeysuckle Tote made with faux snow leopard fur on the front and back with a matching pencil case.

A Gorgeous Custom Asian Dragon Messenger Bag

A customer contacted me requesting a custom Zelda Messenger Bag in the large size to accommodate a laptop computer. She sourced out the incredible dragon fabric and matching lining for the flap. We then worked together, via e-mailed pictures, to get the layout of the dragon just right on the flap and rear panel. Originally the idea was to have the dragon "wrap around' the bag but it proved to be over load. When we saw how it looked with a simple black front panel we knew that was the way to make this baby really pop!