Very Large Drawstring Bags for Very Large Knitting and Crochet Projects, like blankets and afghans

Did I make the title clear enough :-)
This bag, called the Alpaca, is big. Designed for large knitting projects, it's also useful to carry so many other things, especially if you are taking a trip to the beach or going to a lakeside cabin for the weekend.

It's 17" high and 12" in diameter, so very roomy.

I have 4 new Alpacas in stock. 

The Gnome band is just cute and great for anyone who is a fan of, well, gnomes!
Gnome Band Alpaca large drawstring knitting bag

 The Heron Garden print has beautiful muted colors that gives it a very peaceful feeling, a lot like people tell me knitting gives them.
Heron Garden Alpaca large drawstring bag for knitting and crochet
Jan's Trees has a lot of details, not just trees but all kinds of extra little accents, the colors are warm and soft and there is a bit of gold accenting as well. This home decor fabric is a heavier weight than my usual fabric
Jan's Trees Alpaca large drawstring bag for knitting afghans    

Last, but not least, Knitmare on Elm Street, the classic humorous knitting fabric. The look on the kids face, is priceless as she is forced to wear these too small items. The skeleton was happily reading a book titled "quick and easy knitting projects". You know what happens with those type of projects don't you?
  Knitmare on Elm Street Alpaca large bag for large knitting projects like blankets