Wow, this customer reports she owns 28 Zoe Designs Bags!

Yep, it's true, she tells me she did some straightening in her "purse closet" and took a count of bags she has bought from me. Most of them custom order, they totaled 28. Amazing! Both of us were shocked! ha ha

Here's four from her last order. All fabrics provided by the customer! She has such a great eye for quirky prints.
She sends them to me and we figure out which bags will display them best. Then I work on them as time permits, sending pictures as each one is complete. I often get surprise packages in the mail, sent from my regular customers. It's fun to open them and guess who sent them. If they are quirky, this customer is at the top of the list!


Morphin Zelda Messenger Bag with Removable Flaps-Custom Order

The Morphin line continues to be popular. Hard to resist the option of picking three bags in one! This customer ordered a great selection of flaps.


Another happy customer

I'm pleased to share this photograph of a Zoe Designs customer and her custom order Bebe.
Please feel free to send pics of you and/or your bags!


New Messenger Bag -The Shark

Since messenger bags are used by men and women, I want to make sure I have bags that work for them both.

I'm introducing a new bag today. The Shark. It joins The Falcon as part of this new line of uni-sex bags. A large bag, designed to appeal to guys, but great for women too. Built to take the abuse of daily use. Great for school or work. Not loaded down with features, just a functional bag with cool prints on the flap and side pocket.

18" wide
12" tall
7" deep

The flap and the inside seams are taped with a sturdy binding tape. A full panel zippered pocket on the back. An open slip pocket on one side. A padded section on the shoulder strap. The strap is adjustable on both ends.
Lined in a more durable fabric than my usual taffeta.
The first owner of this style was kind enough to send some pics of himself, with the bag, for me to include here.
Looks great!
Oh one more thing, I'm inviting all my customers to send pics of themselves, or just their bags, in locations of their choosing. I'm going to build a gallery of Zoe Bags around the world. So send me pics of you and/or your bag in your backyard or some exotic locale! thanks! Traveling some place? Send me pics! Visiting some local attraction in your home town, send me pics!


Walker Totes can be useful and beautiful at the same time

I worked with a customer to design this product. Her mom is using a walker and she wanted a walker tote to provide not only places to carry a water bottle, magazines and a few other items, but to be appealing to the eye as well.
We worked out the sizing and she decided to go with this amazing Japanese theme print.

I didn't have access to a walker so I used a chair as a stand in!

I wanted the tote to have a place inside for a bottle of water, easy to grab when a sip is needed. I added a set of pockets next to the bottle holder.

The three straps at the top are designed to wrap around a bar, with a fair amount of adjustment included.
At the bottom, I added another set of adjustable straps. They are designed to loop around the lower bars, at any angle, in order to keep the bag stable.

The lining is a nice light bone color, easy to see what's inside, made with a stain resistant, water repellent pack cloth.

The result was beautiful. I am very pleased with the entire design. Just because a person is using a walker doesn't mean they can't have an attractive bag to carry their essentials!

This customer also ordered a matching wallet on a string so her mom could carry her keys, and a few other items, right over her shoulder.