Mahjong storage set, a zippered tote bag for racks and pushers with a flat bottom bag for tiles!

My Mahjongg storage set was designed due to customer requests for something easy to use and nice to look at too.

The zippered Tote-ster is a tote designed to carry four Mahjongg racks and pushers and the Large Zini is a flat bottom zippered bag for the tiles. No more time spent putting the tiles back into a case, just sweep them into the Large Zini and zip it closed. Set the racks in the bottom of the Tote-ster, slide your card into the pocket and set the Large Zini on top of the racks. You are good to go!

Many of these sets are one of a kind which makes them even more special. Check out the sets I have in stock. 

Custom orders are always welcome. 

I have a variety of storage options for your Mahjongg equipment, plus zippered pouches just for your Mahjongg card with an inner pocket for coins.

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