e-cigarette travel case, The Vaper

I was asked, by a new customer, to create an unusual bag, an e-cigarette travel case. She was struggling to quit smoking and had begun using an e-cigarette. I discovered a whole new world while working on this case. The end result was The Vaper

The people who use these e-cigarettes call themselves vapers, hence the name of the case. There are quite a few pieces of equipment and various supplies that are needed. We worked together to adapt one of my existing bags, in order to provide adequate storage space.

The e-cigarette, itself, can be quite costly, so I created a zippered compartment on the front, with padding on the outside, in order to provide protection

On the back there is another zippered pocket, which can be used for i.d, a little cash, or other e-cigarette supplies, such as small packets of flavoring

Purchase one of my wallet windows , add your i.d., credit card and license, slip it in that back pocket, and you are good to go

Following the style of many of my other bags, the back has 2 d-rings so that you can customize your Vaper, with a wristlet strap

a shoulder strap

or use one to attach your keys

Inside are 4 pockets, designed to hold batteries, flavoring and other accessories you may need

I wanted to keep the size of the Vaper as small as possible, as you see it's easy to carry in it in your hand

Finally, as always with my bags, you are welcome to custom order a Vaper in fabric that you love. You can see my fabric here. Keep in mind that not only is it a small case, but the zippers on front and back "cut" though the print so not all my fabrics will be suitable

Available in solid black for the guys!



  1. That’s so cute! I bet it’s going to be a big hit with e-cig smokers, especially the ladies! I wonder if you also have designs for men. I love its multi-functional features. Great job! =)

  2. thanks so much Shala! I have a solid black version for men!http://www.zoesbagboutiqueshop.com/item_2484/Black-e-cigarette-travel-case-The-Vaper.htmI will put a pic of it in the blog post!

  3. @Shala: Most e-cigar cases for men that I usually see are either made of metal or leather. Overall, it’s just a matter of preference. ;) They’re typically not into carrying cases with prints. They would most likely prefer the simpler ones.