The Daisy Duffle

While I was working with the customer mentioned in the previous post she wondered if I could make a duffle using the same sock monkey print. I thought it would be a nice addition to my line so I jumped in. Now this customer was going on a trip during spring break so I was trying to get, not only the iphone purse, but also the duffle, done quickly.
Mission accomplished. And even better, I received a photograph of the happy vacationing family and some kind words about the bag.

"I did not take my Sock Monkey duffle on the boat, though. I would have loved to, but I would have been upset if it got wet with sea water...and that's very difficult to avoid on a dive boat. It made a wonderful carry-on bag though. Every time someone opened the overhead bin, there they (the monkeys) all were, smiling at me ;)

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