Wallet on a string holds an epi-pen

A very kind customer sent along pictures of the Zoe Designs wallet on a string she bought for her daughter. She told me her daughter has life threatening allergies and must carry an epi-pen or epiinhaler where ever she goes. She was pleased to discover her daughter can pop them in her wallet on a string where they fit right inside a pocket.


  1. I love the asiatic designs you do, they have a lot of reality. I think or better, I feel you're creating a world inside them.
    It's a magic world living around the bags you do

  2. Thank you Vicky, for your kind comments. I love the imagery you create with your words, "It's a magic world living around the bags you do" I love the fabrics that I select, especially the Asian prints,and it really does create a "little world" in which I get to decide how to use them!