The Ultimate Kid's or Family Bag

I worked with a customer to create a set that would allow her to organize the many kid related items she carries for her active family!

She found the fabric for a large Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag. We matched it with turquoise sides and bottom and it really shines. We added an exterior zippered pocket and put the Zoe Pocket set and the key clip inside that pocket.

Inside, the standard for the large Zelda Deluxe, a sleeve for a laptop, a bottle sleeve and a side pocket.

What this customer also had in mind was a way to add pouches of varying sizes via a clip of some sort.

This was a great idea and I set out to get some parts in stock to accomplish this task.

I now have small metal d-rings. I add one to the side seam of a Scooter, Skippy or Raven coin purse and they can be clipped to my standard key clip. The new style is called, of course, The Clippy!

I also ordered some carabiners. The carabiner can be threaded through the d-ring and voila, you have a method by which you can clip your pouch to anything the carabiner can.

Inside the messenger bag we added a variety of attachment points, some d-rings, a couple of extra key clips and a carabiner. Now all those little items, such as decks of cards, stickers and crayons will have their own little pouches and be easy to grab.

We added some loose carabiners to the order, so that mom can clip the pouches to other bags if needed.

All around a super organized kid's bag!

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