The Roxy.. A purse with an iphone pocket on the front~

Karen here on March 27th 2009!
I am updating this post to invite new readers to help me design an iPhone purse.
I have a new post with a link to the form you can fill out to tell me what your dream iPhone purse would look like.

I have a new design for an iPhone purse based on customer feedback. You can find The Breazy in my shop by clicking here
I will continue working on new designs
The majority of my purses and bags have a pocket which accommodates an iPhone perfectly. Click here to see all the styles!

I had a return customer, a sock monkey fan, tell me her problem with purses. She has an iphone and wants to have easy access, preferably by having an open pocket on the front of a purse. The problem she encountered was the depth of the pockets on purses she owned. They weren't deep enough, so, when she would toss her purse onto the front seat of the car, out would fall the phone.
We set out to remedy the problem and together we created the Roxy purse!
It's the body of my Tallullah, inside pockets and all, but, on the outside I created another set of three pockets. The center pocket is sized to hold an iphone just right!

One thing I know, my customers love more pockets!

Here it is, looking so cute with the sock monkey class picture print.

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